How Long Is The Final Fantasy 16 Demo Answered
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How long is the Final Fantasy 16 demo? Answered

Time will tell.

The highly-anticipated Final Fantasy 16 is close to release, and many fans are excited for the demo available. It’s free for anyone, and your progress will carry over into the full release. If you aren’t sure about whether or not Final Fantasy 16 will be the game for you, try out the demo first. We’ll answer below how long this demo for Final Fantasy 16 is, so you can decide if it’s worth your time.

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Even if you know you’re going to enjoy Square Enix’s latest action RPG, there aren’t many reasons why you shouldn’t try out the demo. You can keep your save data from this short demo, and on the flipside if it doesn’t interest you, it will save you money. As I said, this demo is short, but how short?

How Long Is The Final Fantasy 16 Demo Answered Shiva

Screenshot via Square Enix

The answer for how long the demo is for Final Fantasy 16 is around two hours. Although that may seem short, there is quite a bit of substance within those two-ish hours. No spoilers ahead, but most of what the trailers actually showed for this game is mostly what you see in this demo. What I mean by this is there’s a lot of mystery to the full game, and the demo doesn’t feel like too much or too little was shown.

The Final Fantasy 16 demo shows what I would say to be the prologue of the game. It juggles between long cutscenes that play out like Game of Thrones scenes, and moments where you get to control Clive and get a feel for the game’s controls. As many games do at the beginning of them, this demo has a tutorial section for the combat, which is super easy to adjust to. The demo also explains a lot of the questions you may have had about the characters’ stories, and where the main story may go. Those two hours I played flew right by, and I’m now even more excited to play the full release.

Final Fantasy 16 is available to pre-order as a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

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