How the Berserker Ring works in Star Ocean: The Second Story R

Star Ocean 2 The Second Story R Berserker Ring Guide
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The Berserker Ring is one of the strongest accessories you can have in the early hours of Star Ocean: The Second Story R. But it can be a difficult item to figure out, especially since the game doesn’t tell yo how it works. Let’s talk about your new favorite accessory in the game.

What the Berserker Ring does in Star Ocean: Second Story R

The Berserker Ring has a fairly simple description and effect that simply has you remain in a rage state constantly. Unfortunately, that doesn’t tell you anything about what it actually does. It doesn’t even raise any stats so for all intents and purposes the ring seems useless. But that isn’t true because it actually doubles your attack power.

The rage state is a straight-up doubling of your attack rating. For example, my Claude has around 1,900 attack, but with the ring, that number is essentially doubled to 3,800. You can see why this ring is so good, especially in the early parts of the game when you don’t have easy access to bigger weapon upgrades.

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How to make the Berserker Ring

The Berserker Ring is easily made in Star Ocean: The Second Story R thankfully. All you need is a Ruby and for Claude to have a decent Crafting level. He can technically make it at level one crafting, but having it higher will grant you a higher chance of successfully creating the Berserker Ring. Once you have one, you can always use the Replication Specialty to make more for the rest of your party.

Another thing to pay attention to is the Factor that the Berserker Ring+ can come with. My best Berserker Ring+ has the Hit Up 10% Factor. And that just makes Claude less likely to miss attacks which is a nice little bonus. I’m not certain if there’s an even better version of the Berserker Ring with a Factor that makes it even better just yet. So if you have the Fol and materials, make plenty of Berserker Rings and see what kind of Factors you can get.

As a side note, you can also use the Super Specialty Remaking to apply new Factors to gear you already have. So you can use that instead of making more equipment if you’d prefer to do that.

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