How to acquire ‘Picture of a Ghost’ in Like a Dragon: Ishin

Like A Dragon Ishin Mysterious Foreigner Stall
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The ‘Picture of a Ghost’ crafting material is difficult to find early in your run through Like a Dragon: Ishin. Its rarity can prevent you from completing various tasks, so it’s important that you track it down early. This is our guide on how to acquire Picture of a Ghost in Like a Dragon: Ishin.

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How to acquire ‘Picture of a Ghost’ in Like a Dragon: Ishin

In order to craft the Yaksha Blade at Kurogane Smithing in southwestern Rakunai, you need to have acquired the Ebony Sword and several of the Metal Sheet. These are common items. However, you also need the considerably less common Picture of a Ghost.

To reliably find the Picture of a Ghost crafting material, fetch several common items for the Mysterious Foreigner. He appears in a wooden stall with curtains, which is not marked on the map in Rakugai. When you approach the well in that area, just look up some steps to find a stall near an abandoned cart. Investigate the stall to initiate a conversation with the hidden character. He asks you to fetch 10 Tomatoes, which you can grow in the garden at your villa. This request kicks off The Mysterious Merchant subquest. Over the course of several visits, you need to bring the man common items that can typically be purchased from nearby vendors.

Like A Dragon Ishin Mysterious Foreigner Sells Picture Of A Ghost

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Once you fulfill the last of the man’s bizarre orders, the Mysterious Foreigner grants you access to his supply. If you ask to purchase “Tools and materials,” he offers to sell Picture of a Ghost for 2700 mon. He also sells less common items, such as Grape Wine and the Elegant Hair Ornament. You can shop from him whenever you like.

Later in the game, when you have a less urgent need for Picture of a Ghost, some enemies may (rarely) drop it when defeated. You can also collect it as an occasional reward for clearing the ‘Reclaim the Stolen 1000 Ryo Boxes 3’ mission. However, the Mysterious Foreigner will always remain your most convenient supplier.

Like a Dragon: Ishin can be purchased on Steam and the Xbox marketplace.

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