Destiny 2 Brave Attunement

How to Attune to a Brave weapon in Destiny 2 Into the Light

Time for an attune up.

Into the Light has brought with it a host of new stuff to mess around with in Destiny 2. But Brave weapons are likely to be where most of the excitement is at. Here’s how you can Attune to a Brave weapon in Destiny 2 Into the Light.

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How to target farm Brave weapons in Destiny 2 Into the Light

Attunement for Brave weapons is only unlocked once you’ve unlocked the Brave weapon in question via quests from Arcite 99-40. For example, if you want to Attune to The Recluse, you’ll need to have completed its associated quest first. In the first week of Into the Light, you’ll only be able to Attune to one of the six weapons available. Then, a new weapon will enter the available pool next week, and so on.

Once you’ve unlocked Attunement for a weapon, find its corresponding terminal in the Hall of Champions. From there all you need to do is interact with it and the Attunement will begin.

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Attuning to a weapon will increase its drop rate by 50% and let you upgrade perks found in the third and fourth columns. This makes grinding for god rolls much easier and should relieve some of the tension of finding your perfect weapon in time. You’ll still need to play plenty of Onslaught to get some good perk rolls though. But the process will be much easier if you have some solid builds to work with.

Acquiring Brave weapons

Brave weapons can be acquired from the new Onslaught activity. Some Brave weapons may even drop with fancy shiny skins as well. Alternatively, you can get Brave weapons with set perks by completing Arcite 99-40’s quests. You’re guaranteed to get Brave weapons this way but will be limited to the perks that Bungie has chosen.

These preset perks may not live up to the most sought after godrolls in Destiny 2. However, if you’re simply looking to find solid variants of Brave weapons, this will be your best bet. So if you’re planning on grinding out good Brave weapons in Destiny 2, make sure you Attune them. Arcite 44-90’s quests are also the only way to get the Superblack shader in Destiny 2 which has finally made its return to the series.

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