How to Avoid the Shadow Man in Lethal Company

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A mysterious figure is lurking in the shadows. Well, I’m out of here guys, sorry for leaving you behind! Here is how to avoid the Shadow Man in Lethal Company.

Lethal Company: How to Avoid the Shadow Man

Lethal Company Bracken Shadow Man
Image: Zeekerss

You might encounter the Shadow Man during your adventures throughout the moons in Lethal Company. Well, I have news for you! It isn’t a shadow, and it isn’t a man either! You see, what you have seen is Bracken, which is also known as the Flower Man.

Yes, I know we said it wasn’t a man, but that is its most popular nickname! It earned it due to its protruding leaves coming out of its spine. The Bracken is a very particular monster and it is as mysterious as it is violent. It will sneak up on any member of your party and will kill with extreme savagery.

So, how do you avoid the Shadow Man, aka the Bracken, aka the Flower Man in Lethal Company? Well, you can start by not staring at it! You see, the Bracken is not used to social encounters, and it will become angry if you stare at him directly for consecutive seconds. Once angered enough, it will run toward you and kill and pick up anyone that stands in its way.

The way to counter its presence and avoid it is to take a little peak at it from time to time to keep tabs on its location. Once you take a fast peek at it, it will run away scared for a bit just to resume haunting members of your party after it. It acts just like the Slenderman, so just don’t stare at him and you will be good to go.

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Do not engage it if you don’t have the necessary weapon prowess to kill it. Otherwise, you will only get it mad, and that translates to your teammates or even you ending up dead. Collect as much scrap as you can and get out of there if you are not capable of defeating it. Otherwise, I wish you good luck!

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