What are Baboon Hawks in Lethal Company Explained

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Monsters in the horror genre can use several physical traits and narrative tropes that humans have historically reacted to, being a chimera one of the most disturbing ones. Here is everything you need to know about the Baboon Hawks in Lethal Company.

Lethal Company: Baboon Hawks, Explained

Baboon Hawks are a type of enemy you will encounter in Lethal Company while exploring moons. As you can guess, these are a mix between a baboon and a hawk, although they appear to behave mainly as a primate. Here are all the Baboon Hawk traits in Lethal Company:

All Baboon Hawk Traits in Lethal Company

  • Sigurd’s Danger Level: 75%
  • Scientific Name: Papio-volturius
  • Behavior: While they will not engage in conflict while they are not provoked, they are territorial. They will use flashy objects to mark their territories and will become a huge menace if you happen to encounter them in groups.
  • Lore: These primates belong to the family of the Cercopithecidae. While they appear to be small due to their hunchbacked stance, they can also stand straight, measuring up to eight feet. The “hawk” part of their physiology is present in their head and wings. The first one is a bone structure that features beaks and horns which they use to hunt and gore. The second one, while not allowing the Baboon Hawk to fly, will function as an intimidation device and for protection.

How to Avoid Baboon Hawks in Lethal Company

Since these enemies are not particularly violent and tend to attack smaller animals, avoiding them will be a game of sticking together and appearing to be powerful. If you happen to invade the Baboon Hawk’s territory and if you happen to engage in conflict, be sure to deal with them separately. If they join forces, then running is a good option, although these monsters can also pick up a decent amount of speed.

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If you encounter a single Baboon Hawk, try to avoid it although they will not attack you and just get a bit nervous. If you see multiple Baboon Hawks just run, don’t engage.

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