How To Beat Crownless Boss In Wuthering Waves
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How to beat Crownless boss in Wuthering Waves

The boss of Newborn Desires.

One of the first Tacet Field bosses you’ll probably face is the Crownless. I’ll review how to beat the Crownless boss in Wuthering Waves so you can acquire its Echo and other rewards.

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Wuthering Waves: How to beat Crownless boss

Crownless is a level 35 boss that deals Electro damage, so I wouldn’t advise you to use a Resonator that deals Electro damage (even though I used Calcharo). You’ll want a decent team comp that can benefit each other with their Outro skills and other useful abilities, so make sure you’re going in with a main DPS, sub-DPS, and a support.

How To Beat Crownless Boss In Wuthering Waves Flying
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Crownless fights fast, but there are ways to fight back. Crownless has this move where he flies into the sky and prepares for a sweeping attack. You can parry this to destroy a good chunk of his stagger bar right before he’s about to land and attack you.

You can also choose to dodge, and then counterattack. He’s hard to hit in the air unless you have a Resonator who can hit from afar or get up close and personal with the Crownless quickly. Once staggered, lay all the attacks you have on him.

How To Beat Crownless Boss In Wuthering Waves Hit
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Crownless also has an annoying tornado attack where he swiftly throws a purple whirlwind at you. While it’s easy to dodge this one, you may have trouble if you get hit once. Once you’re hit, Crownless will lay a barrage of attacks on you before you can gain control of your character again. Avoid this by parrying more than dodging which will stagger him instead.

My team comp was Calcharo as my main DPS, female Rover as my sub-DPS, and Verina as the support. I didn’t need much healing during this fight since my characters were all above level 35, so make sure to face Crownless only when your Resonators are above level 35.

There are plenty of other tough boss fights ahead of you. One of these boss fights in Wuthering Waves is the Lampylumen Myriad boss.

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