Wuthering Waves Lampylumen Myriad
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Wuthering Waves Lampylumen Myriad boss guide: Location, rewards, and how to beat

Freeze! You're busted, buddy!

The world has become even more challenging, and Wuthering Waves has a way to let you know. Here is where to find, how to beat, and what rewards you can expect from the Lampylumen Myriad boss fight in Wuthering Waves.

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Where to find Lampylumen Myriad in Wuthering Waves

The Lampylumen Myriad boss fight is located right next to Tiger’s Maw Mine, south of Jinzhou city, and next to the Corroded Ruins. Before you visit the area and attempt to take on the boss, you will first have to reach Union Level 10 and SOL3 Phase 2, which is unlocked automatically. Otherwise, you would just encounter an empty boss arena.

Wuthering Waves Lampylumen Myriad Location

While there is a Resonance Beacon — Huanglong-Tiger’s Maw-Dust-Sealed Track — right next to the Lampylumen Myriad boss fight room, if it is your first time exploring the area, you will have to go to the deepest point of the Tiger’s Maw Mine, which means jumping down to the huge mining hole and entering the center structure. It’ll help immensely if you already have the Huanglong Wuming Bay Corroded Ruins Resonance Beacon which we have a full guide on to help you out.

Wuthering Waves Tigers Maw Mine

How to beat Lampylumen Myriad in Wuthering Waves

The Lampylumen Myriad boss is not as complicated as you might think. I do suggest, however, that you level up your team up to Level 30 and your weapons to Rank 2 if you want this fight to go relatively smoothly.

The boss’s main attacks are a single melee attack and a combo of melee attacks that will be telegraphed previously. This would be a great time to remember that dodging will go a long way in every fight, especially this one.

Wuthering Waves Lampylumen Myriad Attack 1

Your main concern, other than receiving damage as a whole, is to not become frozen. This is a result of receiving constant Glacio DMG from the Lampylumen Myriad boss, whose attacks all inflict said status effect that will accumulate until you become frozen. If you do, then press the keys in a small quick time event to set yourself free.

Wuthering Waves Lampylumen Myriad Frost Dmg

Every once in a while, the boss will also attack the whole arena in an AoE attack that will inflict Glacio DMG. The only way to avoid this is to jump, and since the boss will repeat these several times, take note of his movements so that you can avoid them promptly.

Wuthering Waves Lampylumen Myriad Aoe Attack

You will want to deal as much damage as possible by alternating between your DPS characters. Also have a support/healer Resonator to heal any damage the Lampylumen Myriad boss may have inflicted.

It will also sprint towards you, which is easily dodged, so don’t mind that attack as much as the others. Continue dealing damage and dodging and the boss will become staggered and fall to the ground. Hit it with everything you’ve got and repeat the process until the boss dies.

Wuthering Waves Lampylumen Myriad Stagger

All Lampylumen Myriad rewards in Wuthering Waves

As you can see, this fight does not pose a significant challenge if you are properly prepared for it. For completing this boss fight, you will have both First Clear rewards and a pool of Rewards for subsequent clears.

Note that the latter will be randomized and that the boss will spawn shortly after being defeated, so there’s a lot of farming potential for leveling materials and currency. Expect the fight to become more difficult when increasing your SOL3 Phase, so don’t let your guard down!

First-ClearProbability of Obtaining
500x Union XP.
20x Astrite
1x Advanced Resonance Potion
1x Advanced Energy Core
12,000x Shell Credits
450x Union XP
1x Sound-Keeping Tacet Core
1x Medium Resonance Potion
1x Medium Energy Core
1x Medium Sealed Tube
Shell Credits

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