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How to beat Dio in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (FF7)

Learn how to read your opponent and wait for the right time

FF7 Rebirth has quite a lot of fighting, but it also has just as many mini-games. These mini-games bring lots of fun and variety to the normal flow of the story and combat. However, not every single one gives you a proper introduction to its gameplay. So we’ll take things into our own hands and figure out how to beat Dio in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth (FF7).

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FF7 Rebirth— How to beat Dio in 3D Brawler

How To Beat Dio In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Tutorial
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Upon reaching the Gold Saucer in chapter 8, players will get a chance to stretch their mini-game legs. So far the only minigame you’ve been able to replay is playing the piano, and the Gold Saucer gives you a chance to replay even more. However, before you can be let loose, you must meet the owner and operator of the Gold Saucer, Dio.

Dio challenges you to a fight, and you’ll be introduced to the first minigame in the Saucer, 3D Brawler. Here’s where you’re supposed to get a general overview of the mini-game while testing your talent against Dio. However, I for one was sitting there letting Dio’s figurine man handle me as I was confused at how the gameplay worked. And in FF7 Rebirth, most minigames don’t hold your hand.

To beat Dio, you must attack in between his attacks as he is doing a warm-up move. When he taunts you, you’ll want to attack whichever side is leaning closest to you. For example, if you dodge an attack from the left, and Dio flaunts his right fist forward, punch with your right hand. Do not attack when he winds up his fist about to attack. Given the way the game explained it, I was confused about how my hits were missing before I realized this.

Can you rematch Dio?

Dio can be fought again once you progress enough in the normal 3D Brawler mini-game (albeit a lot harder fight). However, this first battle is not replayable and comes with two different cutscenes depending on the outcome of the fight. Not only that, but if you happen to beat Dio you’ll deepen your relationship with Red XIII. That might not mean a lot to everyone, however, if you’re looking to choose the best date for the Gold Saucer, you’ll want to make sure your relationships are solidified.

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