How to beat the Forest Keeper in Lethal Company

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Nothing is more terrifying than a sentient tree running towards you to kill you. Or maybe it’s just me and my fear of spooky trees. But anyway, here is how to beat the Forest Keeper in Lethal Company.

Lethal Company: How to beat the Forest Keeper

Beating the Forest Keeper is more like a game of hide and seek, but instead of winning rounds, you end up dead! Sounds fun, right? Well, the Forest Keeper is a huge tree-like monster that will run towards you once it sees you. You will hear a loud stomping before the Forest Keeper engages. If you find the Forest Keeper approaching you, you will have to break its line of sight. Although he will stop running toward you and keep searching the area, you will need to keep yourself hidden so it doesn’t hunt you down again. There are three items you can use to avoid the Forest Keeper and even attempt to defeat it:

  • TZP-Inhalants: If you are running from the Forest Keeper, using this inhalant will increase your overall speed, which means that you will get to survive this situation.
  • Stun Bombs: As you might expect, hitting the Forest Keeper with the Stun Bombs will interrupt its run and will leave it vulnerable to your attacks.
  • Jetpacks: Use the jetpacks to avoid the Forest Keepers. While using the jetpack, you will remain out of reach from the Keepers, making them also vulnerable to your attacks.

What are Forest Keepers in Lethal Company?

  • Sigurd’s Danger Level: 50%
  • Scientific Name: Satyrid-proceritas
  • Behavior: While its curious nature could be described as cute, the truth is that the Forest Keeper is a deadly and extremely dangerous monster. They will spot anything they find interesting at a distance – that includes the player – and once they have their sight set on something – or someone – will quickly run and grab it. This ends up in the object’s destruction, which can also be a living thing. They do not feed from these catches though, since the Forest Keeper is a plant-based organism, which means that, most probably, it uses photosynthesis to feed itself.
  • Lore: These monsters, as you might guess, inhabit the forests and are said to share ancestry with rapax-folium, also known as Bracken. They have a dense material as skin that only hardens as the Forest Keepers grow older. Although they appear to have eyes on their front and back, these are only markings that are sensitive to external stimuli.
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Image: Zeekerss

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Does the Forest Keeper have weaknesses?

As you can read above, you can stun the Forest Keepers by using Stun Bombs. Moreover, they are not able to reach you while flying in your Jetpack. If you wish to exploit its weaknesses, then stun it with the Bombs and then use your Jetpacks for extra protection while you fire everything you got toward the Forest Keeper until you defeat it. You can also use his deafness to your advantage and approach it as long as it hasn’t seen you or your teammates.

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