How to beat the Giant Patron in The Last Faith

How to beat the Giant Patron in The Last Faith
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The Giant Patron will be the first named boss you test your might against in The Last Faith, and he isn’t exactly easy to beat. At this stage in the game, you haven’t had a chance to upgrade anything or even get to grips with the mechanics.

The easiest way to beat the Giant Patron

You’ll be forgiven for getting stuck at the first boss in the game. Giant Patron is way tankier than anyone else you have come up against in The Last Faith, and he doesn’t pull his punches. Thankfully, Giant Patron doesn’t have a huge range of moves and only has one phase. This means once he is done, it’s all over.

How to beat the Giant Patron in The Last Faith
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Pick your fights

The temptation is to try to land as many hits on Giant Patron and get the first boss in The Last Faith out of the way. However, due to your puny, under-leveled weapon, you’re going to have to take some time. A lot of the moves from the Giant Patron cannot be avoided, so your best bet is to wait for the cooldown phase.

The best time to get your blows in is just after the huge telegraphed move. You will be able to spot it when the Giant Patron winds it up. As soon as you see this, you need to be ready to jump over the traveling damage wave. Once the Giant Patron has made his move, you have a good window in which to attack. Don’t get greedy, though; he recovers quickly.

Roll around

Rolling is your friend in The Last Faith, so it is going to be a game of back-and-forth with the Giant Patron. Unlike other Soulslikes, there are very few invincible frames. Therefore, being at the right distance and reading attacks is imperative.

For the Giant Patron, I found that staying super close to him during the small attacks worked best. I alternated between attacking, then rolling behind, then attacking. Similarly, when Giant Patron jumps backward for an attack, match the jump with a roll away to avoid the attack.

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