Impermanence Heron Boss Fight Wuthering Waves Echo
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How to beat the Impermanence Heron in Wuthering Waves

KFC Heron Bucket.

As with most bosses in Wuthering Waves, beating the Impermanence Heron comes down to having the right team build and memorising the attack patterns. This guide will show you just how to do that.

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How to beat the Impermanence Heron

Beating the Impermanence Heron in Wuthering Waves is going to take some pretty impressive timing. The moves usually are quite slow and can be read and dodged quite easily. However, there are a few moves that will cause you issues. Here is how to deal with them.

Impermanence Heron Boss Fight Wuthering Waves
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Move list

  • Swoop – This move is a big one and can take up a lot of space and then, your health. However, it can be parried, and doing so will add a lot to the Vibration bar. Get your timing right and this move can work in your favor.
  • Feathers – During this move in Wuthering Waves, the Impermanence Heron will call down 5 feathers which will then explode. However, there is a method to dodging them. The middle feather will explode, followed by the outer ones. Make sure you are standing by the middle Imerpmanence Heron feather. There is enough time to use your I Frames to dodge from the middle one and then perform a second dodge out of the radius of the second.
  • Buried Head Explosion – At first, this move in Wuthering Waves seems impossible to dodge from the Impermanence Heron. However, using the grapple, you can jump over the shockwave. As soon as the ring changes color, use the grapple to avoid the damage area.

Once you have the move list nailed and know how to avoid the Impermanence Herons attacks, it should be a straightforward boss.

Impermanence Heron Boss Fight Wuthering 2
Image: YouTube WoW Quests

Attack tactics

Take your time when trying to beat the Impermanence Heron in Wuthering Waves. The moves are slow, and you can usually dodge them easily. Parrying, especially with the swoop move, will add to Vibration. Once this is filled you can go all out. Due to the slow movements and easily countered moves, staggering is the best tactic.

I suggest aiming for the central head. This is the weak spot and the easiest way to drain a lot of health quickly. Use your Intro moves at this point to take a huge chunk off the Impermanence Heron’s health.

However, be aware that it is resistant to Havoc damage, so I suggest keeping Resonators like Toaqi and Danjo on the bench.

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