How to beat Yegor and Leena in The Last Faith

egor and Leena in The Last Faith
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This gruesome twosome caused me no end of grief when they decided to rear their ugly heads. It took me quite a while to beat Yegor and Leena in The Last Faith, but with some muscle memory, and a whole lot of patience, I managed.

Learning Yegor and Leena’s moves

The secret to almost every one of the fights in The Last Faith is learning the move sets and knowing when you can counter. However, with Yegor and Leena, there are twice the move sets to learn. To get these guys out of the way, focus on Yegor first; then, you can work on Leena.


egor and Leena in The Last Faith
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  • Ground Slam – This is Yegor’s most common move and what he will open with. It is easy to avoid by simply standing behind him. Move behind, and get those hits in. You should be able to fit a decent flurry in, depending on the weapon you are using in The Last Faith.
  • Lightning – Called from the heavens above, this set of three lightning strikes is preceded by blue circles on the ground. Move between them to avoid it. Also, be aware of Leena’s attacks during this time. She likes to coordinate with him.
  • Punch – The punch is your chance to really do some damage on Yegor. He throws out a huge forward punch and pays the price. Once it has been thrown, there is a long cooldown in which you can get some blows in.
  • Area Denial – Once you have depleted Yegor’s health bar far enough, he will strike the ground three times and turn the floor into an electric pool. Move far away from him and jump to the lowered platforms as soon as possible. You will not be able to get back into the fight until you have dealt with Leena’s attacks.


egor and Leena in The Last Faith
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  • Fire Beam – Rarely used, but always the last move used on the platform stages. Simply duck underneath it.
  • Arrows – These come diagonally into the ground and can be picked up and thrown. Picking them up to throw them does nothing in the way of damage to Leena or Yegor in The Last Faith but will avoid your own damage. The best bet is to roll away from them.
  • Diagonal Fireballs – You can avoid these by rolling toward them.
  • Horizontal Fireballs – Timing these right is a trick, but to dodge them, you must jump over the lowest one. Leaving it late seemed to work for me.

Stage 1 of Leena and Yegor

Kill Yegor. That is your first job. Make sure to stay behind him and spot the area denial move as soon as possible. His moves are easy enough to avoid. However, Leena will constantly pester you with her fireballs, so keep one eye on her. As soon as you get the prompt to do a finisher on Yegor, take it, this move counts as I Frames in The Last Faith.

Once the platform drops, immediately move to the one furthest away from him. Leena will now attack with a fireball which must be jumped or rolled over to avoid. Leena will attack with three sets of fireballs and then the fire beam. You can’t expect to get any attacks in at this stage.

Repeat the cycle of damage and platforms until his health has dropped down. I expect you will have to do two platform cycles. Once Yegor is dead, it is time to face Leena in The Last Faith.

egor and Leena in The Last Faith
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Stage 2 Leena

Now it is just the two of you, and hopefully, you will have a pocketful of healing injections. Her move set will not change but will become more intense. I made the mistake of trying to rush this stage and paid the consequences.

Take your time, push up towards her, and avoid everything you can. You may only get one or two hits on her each time you close the distance between each side of the arena, but rushing will result in death. I found the best times to close the gap with Leena in The Last Faith was during her verticle fireball and arrow moves.

Once you have pushed up to Leena, she will flip away to the other side of the room, firing a fireball back at you. Make sure you roll to avoid this.

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