How to become a Quincy in Project Mugetsu

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The Quincy are coming to Project Mugetsu very soon. If you have already selected a race, you will need to race reset using active Project Mugetsu codes or start a new file to become a Quincy. Without further adieu, here is how to become a Quincy in Project Mugetsu.

Note: If you want to know the best Clan to pair with a Quincy, visit our guide.

Project Mugetsu: How to become a Quincy

Quincy will be added to Project Mugetsu in Update 1 which is just around the corner. When Update 1 goes live, you’ll be able to become a Quincy. At that point in time, we will have more information on how exactly to become a Quincy in Project Mugetsu.

We guess that becoming a Quincy in PM will be similar to becoming a Soul Reaper or Hollow. There may be an NPC on the map that you need to talk to and complete a quest for to become a Quincy.

The Quincy in Bleach are known to be overpowered characters that have a lot of great ranged attacks as well as reliance on Reiatsu. Though Quincy will likely be balanced in PM instead of overpowered, we can expect Quincy to have moves similar to what we see in Bleach.

To stay as up-to-date as possible with what is happening in Project Mugetsu, join the Discord. The Discord link can be found at the bottom of the PM page on Roblox. Once accepted into the PM Discord, you can chat with other players and know exactly when Update 1 is coming out and when you can play as a Quincy.

Until then, you can become a Quincy in the best games that are similar to Project Mugetsu. Keep grinding in PM or explore other Roblox Bleach games while you wait for Quincy to come to the game.

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