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How to break yellow cracks in Wuthering Waves

Break down the walls that stop you.

As you explore the world of Wuthering Waves and increase your Data Bank, your progress may be interrupted by yellow cracks on certain surfaces. These can be destroyed, but unlike facing normal monsters, you’ll need to go out of your way to bring them down. Knowing how to break down the yellow cracks in Wuthering Waves is vital. So keep this guide close by.

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Wuthering Waves: How to break yellow cracks

These cracks or Fissured Ledges can only be destroyed one way and that is by using Tacetite Fulminate. The best way to spot one of these balls of energy is to look out for golden light inside of a rock. They’re quite common and may be in the area that you’re already in. So the chance of running into one might be higher than pulling a certain character

How to break yellow cracks in Wuthering Waves
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How to use Tacetite Fulminate to break Fissured Ledges

As mentioned, the Fissured Ledges can take damage if you use Tacetite Fulminate on them. To do so, you must have the Utility mechanic unlocked. The tool you’ll need to use will be the Levitator. If you haven’t yet, stop reading and keep playing the story of Wuthering Waves. This gets unlocked quite early on in the game. Once you leave the main gate and get sent to the first forward camp, talk to the NPC there. He’ll be the one giving you access to your new Utility tool kit. 

To destroy the cracks, use the Levitator to throw the Tacetite Fulminate at the Fissure Ledge. You’re going to have to line up the throw in an arch form. Once that’s done, the crack will open up allowing you to get the resources on the other side. 

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Did you know Wuthering Waves has an intimacy mechanic? The romance features work a little differently in the RPG. 

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