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How to unlock Pulls/Wishes/Convene in Wuthering Waves

May luck be on your side.

If luck is on your side, you will probably want this the second you step foot in Wuthering Waves. Here is how to unlock the Convene system – commonly referred to as Wishes – for character and weapon pulls in Wuthering Waves.

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What is the Convene System in Wuthering Waves?

The Convene system is the gacha system we see in other similar games such as Genshin Impact – they are called Wishes over there. In case you are wondering, the Convene system will help you recruit – or pull – new characters and weapons from the different Convenes – known as Banners in Genshin – to hopefully recruit rare and powerful allies that will join your adventure in the open world or during fights. You will use an assortment of Tides to pull from the different Convenes, all of which can be obtained in-game:

  • Lustrous Tides: Used to pull from regular Convenes. Obtained through Union Level milestones and Item and Tidal Exchange.
  • Radiant Tides: Used to pull from time-limited character Convenes. Obtained through Item and Tidal Exchange.
  • Forging Tides: Used to pull from time-limited weapon Convenes. Obtained through Item and Tidal Exchange.
Wuthering Waves Convene
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Wuthering Waves: How to unlock Pulls/Wishes/Convene

However, you will quickly notice that, after starting Wuthering Waves, the Convene system is nowhere to be found. Many features such as the Echo system aren’t available from the get-go. This is because you will need to complete in-game quests to progressively unlock every single feature in the base game. In the case of the Convene system, complete the following steps during the First Resonance quest:

  • Wake up as Rover and meet Yangyang and Chixia.
  • Fight the first Tacet Discord boss and meet Baizhi.
  • Head to Jinzhou city and meet Sanhua, who will give you some tokens.
  • Investigate those tokens by heading to the research laboratory, and meeting Mortefi and Baizhi.
  • Complete the fighting simulation.
  • Talk to Baizhi once again and the Convene system will unlock!
Wuthering Waves Research Laboratory
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As you can see, it won’t take long for you to unlock the gacha system in Wuthering Waves as long as you stick to the main quests. It won’t be a big issue since the open world will unlock after you meet Sanhua, who will give you access to all areas across the world. The main concern you will now have to face is whether RNG will be on your side or not, so keep farming Astrite and the other game currencies so that you can summon and level up your characters to create the best teams in Wuthering Waves.

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