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How to change Operator in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

Get the old squad back together.

Playing Modern Warfare Zombies is more than just about skill and luck. It is about your style too, and there is no better way to show that off than with your operators’ skins. However, how to change your operator skins in Modern Warfare Zombies isn’t quite as clear as it could be.

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Switching up your Operator in Modern Warfare Zombies

How to change Operators in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)
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To change your Operator in Modern Warfare 3, you will have to go back to the Strike Team tab. In this, you can build your strike teams to play with in Zombies. Once you have selected your chosen operators, each of them will be available to play in Modern Warfare zombies.

First, select Strike Team Operator 2 and choose the operator you want to play with. Then, once you have at least one other member, you can switch out the default operator. From here, you can entirely build your own team. All the operators from MW2 and MW3 will be available. You could put together the perfect hip-hop ensemble of Snoop Dogg, Niki Minaj, and Klaus.

It is possible to have a maximum of three operators in your strike team, so choose carefully. Once your team is assembled, there are a few things that are tied to them. Each operator will have their own Modern Warfare Zombies inventory, which will be lost when you switch them out.

Be careful when switching

How to change Operators in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)
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When you dismiss an operator for a new one, you will lose a number of items that are tied to them. This is the sacrifice necessary for the dream Strike Team. You will keep your weapons, but you will lose the rucksack, killstreak, plate carrier, gas mask, and self-revive. These aren’t exactly the most vital pieces of gear and can be grabbed again with a few playthroughs. However, it is worth bearing in mind, especially if you are planning to change all operators in Modern Warfare.

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