How to change outfits in Like a Dragon: Ishin

Like A Dragon Ishin Costume Change Ryoma
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In Like a Dragon: Ishin, you don’t get to wear a lot of different outfits. However, you can change your look once you progress far enough in the campaign. Here is our guide on how to change outfits in Like a Dragon: Ishin.

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Like a Dragon: Ishin – Change outfits for a new style

For much of the first part of the game, you wear the same set of clothes. However, Oryo makes a fancy new haori for you to wear at the start of Chapter 5. It befits your new relationship with the Shinsengumi organization.

To change outfits in Like a Dragon: Ishin, head upstairs to your room at the Teradaya inn. There is a current set of clothes hanging on the wall. Interact with it to change what you wear as you wander the city streets. Your selections do not affect what you wear in those few instances when a haori is not available.

Like A Dragon Ishin Costume Change Dragon Of Dojima

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Throughout the campaign, you have access to only your standard clothes, and to the haori once you reach Chapter 5. If you have purchased the Digital Deluxe version of the game, you can acquire an additional outfit from Bakumatsu Bob. He hangs out in the kitchen on the lower floor of the Teradaya. Claim the outfit and then head upstairs. Change Ryoma’s “face” to equip a stylish gray suit and maroon shirt.

Like A Dragon Ishin Costume Change Haruka

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Although you don’t have a lot of options for Ryoma’s attire, you can acquire numerous outfits for Haruka. You will receive a kimono from the landlord after you make one of your payments on the villa. The Shinto Priest at the shrine in northwest Rakunai provides additional options in exchange for Virtue. Once you have acquired the desired duds, you can check the nightstand (next to the desk where you fulfill orders). There, you can specify the kimono you would like Haruka to wear.

Like a Dragon: Ishin can be purchased on Steam and the Xbox marketplace.

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