How to check your MMR in Overwatch 2 – Is it possible?

How To Check Your Mmr In Overwatch 2 Is It Possible

From new characters being re-balanced, to new maps being added, Overwatch 2  is an ever-evolving game. However, one of the most compelling things about this game is its competitive side. Things get exciting rather quickly and change often. The competitive matches differ from quick play; you’ll get a level designated to you based on your performance.

This is called MMR — or Matchmaking Rating. In Overwatch it was easier to figure this out, all you had to do was go into your Career Profile and it would be there. However, in the sequel, it may be a little harder. This begs the question: how to check your MMR in Overwatch 2 — Is it possible? This guide should make this a lot clearer for you.

Overwatch 2: How to check your MMR

This is possible, but it’s hidden within a submenu — so getting there could be tricky. First, go to the game settings by pressing the Escape Key, and click Career Profile. Make sure you’re in the Overview section.

Overwatch 2 Settings Menu

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On this screen, you should see a button that reads All Modes, click that and a drop-down menu will appear. In this menu search for the competitive tab. Once you’ve pressed it, you’ll see the ranks for the three roles: DPS, Support, and Tank.

Overwatch 2 Player Career Menu

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Unlike the first Overwatch which gave you one stat, now you can have a breakdown of everything.

You can take things further by heading to the Statistics Tab and seeing a full breakdown of your competitive play. But make sure you click the drop-down menu and choose that mode.

Overwatch 2 Stat Sceen

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How to get MMR in Overwatch2?

In Overwatch 2 you’ll need to play in placements in each class before you get a rank. This may be longer, but you get an incentive to play all the classes offered. Once you’ve been ranked, play twenty matches by losing or winning 7 of them. When you do this, you should see your MMR impacted.

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