Twin Heron Wuthering Waves Cheese
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How to cheese Twin Heron for an easy 110 Echo in Wuthering Waves

Can't fly, and certainly can't swim.

Gathering the red special enemies in Wuthering Waves will equip your team with 5-star Echoes, so it is well worth seeking them out. One of the strongest red enemies is the Twin Heron, and there is a clever way to cheese it and add it to your Wuthering Waves team build.

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How to cheese the Twin Heron in Wuthering Waves

This method will take a bit of skill, some good timing, and a little luck, but keep trying until you nail it. The Twin Heron is a beast to fight, but this method will make killing it a breeze. You need to simply trap it in the waterfall and let it drown.

When you locate the Twin Heron arena you should notice they are in a lake. At one side of the lake is a waterfall which is what we are going to use to cheese the Twin Herons in Wuthering Waves. First, land in their area and trigger the fight by attacking one. I would suggest using a ranged character just to make sure you keep your distance.

Twin Heron Wuthering Waves
Screenshot: YouTube MMOJACKX57

Once you have triggered the Twin Heron, dash over to the edge of the waterfall, taking your place on the rock shore, just by the edge. The Twin Heron will make their dashes at you to attack, but you can use the grapple in the middle of the waterfall. This should force them right to the edge of the rock shore of the waterfall.

Jump onto the rock cliff just beneath the Twin Heron in Wuthering Waves, holding on just beneath them. This will cause them to stay right by the waterfall edge. Keep moving up and down the side of the cliff, kiting them into attacks. What you want is for one of them to make their dash attack into the middle of the waterfall.

Twin Heron Wuthering Waves
Screenshot: YouTube MMOJACKX57

If the Twin Herons aren’t attacking into the middle of the waterfall in Wuthering Waves, you can further tempt them by jumping up and using the grapple in the middle. They will often dash out to try to kill you when you do this, falling to their deaths.

Repeat the process with the second Twin Heron, kiting it over the edge of the waterfall. Just make sure to time your dodge perfectly when the yellow ring appears.

Collect your Twin Heron echo

You will need to kill both of the Twin Herons to get their Echo in Wuthering Waves. When one dies in the Waterfall, their Echo will usually teleport back up to the main arena. If not, it may be down at the bottom of the waterfall. Either way, with the right timing and some patience, you’ll end up with a free 5-star Echo.

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