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How to equip, use, and swap Echoes in Wuthering Waves

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Enemies might give you a hard time in Wuthering Waves, but they will also become great allies in the long run. Here is how to equip, use, and swap Echoes in Wuthering Waves.

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What are Echoes in Whitering Waves?

Echoes are the transparent frequencies left by Tacet Discord enemies which you can equip and use to your advantage. By doing so, you will make use of each of this Tacet Discord’s abilities like summoning said monster or even transforming into it, gaining both offensive and defensive buffs – like healing, for example. You can hold up to five different Echoes and use them to your advantage during fights.

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Each of these Echoes will have an Echo Skill and Sonata Effects. If you select an Echo to occupy your main slot, then you will use said Echo’s skill during fights. Sonata Effects are bonuses that will only activate if your Echo lineup features Echoes of the same type, needing two or five matching type Echoes to activate them. Finally, you can also upgrade your Echoes by using Echo Sealed Tubes and spending Shell Credits.

Withering Waves: How to equip, swap, and use Echoes

Once you get a hold of an Echo – which will be randomly dropped by Tacet Discord monsters – head to your menu and click on Resonators. Head to the Echo tab and you will see your character and the five Echo slots you can use. Click on any of them and you will have the complete list of all the Echoes you have collected so far.

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Select the Echo and click Equip to add it to your Echo lineup. As said above, the main slot will determine the Echo Skill you will trigger during fights – by pressing Q the controller bind of your choice – with the other Echoes providing Sonata Effects that will greatly boost your character.

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You can remove your Echoes by selecting the desired slot and clicking on Remove. That way, whenever you encounter a higher-tier Echo or one that aligns with your Echo lineup, you can swap them as many times as you like. Just take into account that each Echo has an Echo cost associated with them, with the strongest Echoes costing the most.

Be wise and balance your lineup so that you can get the strongest Echo combination to obliterate your enemies, but don’t forget about balancing your Echo skills with your own and master parrying, dodging, Resonance skills, and Resonance liberation.

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