How to Complete Surgical Strike Search for Clues in Starfield

Starfield Surgical Strike Search For Clues Message Tablet On Table
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The faction missions in Starfield offer opportunities to increase your acquaintance with the various attractions around the galaxy. One such attraction is The Clinic, a medical facility established to treat the wealthy and ill. Working for the Freestar Collective Rangers, you’ll investigate that area as you try to track down an important individual. Here is our guide telling you how to complete the Search for Clues objective of the Surgical Strike mission in Starfield.

Starfield – how to Complete Surgical Strike Search for Clues

The Surgical Strike mission can be rather lengthy and finds you exploring multiple locations. Early on, you’ll tour The Clinic while searching for Maya Cruz. To complete the Search for Clues objective, find a tablet with an important message for Maya.

Starfield Surgical Strike Search For Clues Explosives Warning

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A room with no view

Your objective before you search for clues is to talk to Catalina Rivera. The individual who checked in under that name has already left the premises, but you have no way of knowing that while you initially search. You’ll head into the VIP Wing, where a turret tries to turn you into a corpse (to match the doctor who lies dead on the floor). When you reach the patient’s room, located near an inaccessible Docking Port, you receive instructions to search for clues.

Enter the patient’s room and watch out for mines. The room has been sabotaged. Quickly back away so the mines explode without damaging you. In my case, completely oblivious, I headed into the room and took some damage from a blast. It wasn’t fatal, though. Also, healing supplies are easy to find if you need them after your encounter with the turret.

Starfield Surgical Strike Search For Clues Urgent Read Immediately

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Clues out in the open

In the room, there are two points of interest. The first item to investigate is a computer along a desk to the left of the door, where you can view Terminal Access Logs for the guest, C. Rivera. These tell part of the developing story. Investigate them to learn she has fled the station. Next, check the table next to the bed. On it, you will find a tablet with a note labeled Urgent- Read Immediately. Read that message to satisfy the Search for Clues objective.

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It’s not clear why Maya left such an incriminating message out in the open. Her lapse in judgment allows you to follow her for to an abandoned mine the next phase in the mission. If you need help with that, see our guide explaining how to get through the locked doors in the Abandoned Asteroid Mine.

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