How To Complete The Potion Seller Quest In No Rest For The Wicked
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How to complete The Potion Seller quest in No Rest for the Wicked


The Potion Seller is a quest in No Rest for the Wicked that is entirely missable if you don’t discover this hidden cave, but the rewards are worth it. If you’re struggling to get through this quest, we’re here to help.

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No Rest for the Wicked: The Potion Seller quest guide

Inside Iona’s Cavern in the first region of the game, you can speak to Markos who asks you to find Iona’s Bloom deep within the cave. This quest involves some tricky platforming and tough enemies to defeat, so here’s how to complete The Potion Seller quest in No Rest for the Wicked.

How to find Iona’s Cavern

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You can initiate The Potion Seller quest by finding the ladder south of the fire pit with the two NPCs sitting by it. Down the ladder is the glowing entrance to Iona’s Cavern. The red circle denotes where the ladder should be.

You’ll unlock this area after you’ve opened the large gate and discovered Filmore’s shop which can sell you tools like Shovels and Fishing Rods.

How to find Iona’s Bloom

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Finding the flower isn’t too bad. It’s what comes after that’s difficult. Continue along the east path, then climb down the stone cavern safely. This area is riddled with enemies, so take them out at your leisure. On the eastern side of this cave is a wooden walkway where you can run and jump to grab the vines to the next area.

Cerim Whisper Ionas Cavern
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Climb up, then keep north to find a ladder. Head up the ladder and continue the path filled with enemies to eventually reach a dead-end, or so you think. Hop down to the ledge on the left side which leads to a wall of vines you can climb to the next level. You can now climb up to this cave’s Cerim Whisper, and activate it in case you die (you will, I promise).

Ionas Bloom
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Keep heading north and you’ll walk down a spiral walkway leading to Iona’s Bloom. Interact with it, and suddenly your world shifts around you, allowing you to see invisible pathways. This isn’t the end of the quest, it’s just the beginning.

How to climb higher

The next part of the quest tells you to follow the unveiled paths and climb higher, so walk back the way you came up the new set of invisible steps. Make it back to the Cerim Whisper and head southeast to find an invisible path to some loot. Walk back across that invisible path but then head west to find another path to a chest.

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After looting the chest, safely jump back down to where the one torchlight glows and south of that is the path continuing the quest. Continue the winding path until you make it to a vertical wall of vines and climb up top. Watch out for an enemy who can poison you here, just take it down and continue west.

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You’ll now find a wide pathway to another set of vines to climb. Up top are two hostile enemies, so be careful not to fall off the platform when they attack you. Once they’re taken care of, find the next invisible pathway on your right and be cautious about this next platform jump. You’ll see it on your right beside the stone pillar you’re standing on, and I’ve failed this jump too many times to count.

It’s more north than you realize, so jump carefully and continue to the next stone pillar. The quest continues on the right path, so head down the southern path to stealth kill an enemy and grab loot from a chest. Once that’s done, walk back to the stone pillar you came from and head to the eastern path.

Ionas Cavern Boss
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At this point, you should start sprinting, as enemies from your right will be shooting flaming projectiles your way. Now, once you walk up the invisible stairs, stop and buff or heal yourself. A mini-boss is ahead, and it has a long melee weapon that’ll be tough to fight against. I used a Bomb to attack it first and applied Blade Oil to my daggers beforehand to win the fight.

With that creature gone, the toughest part is over. Continue along the path ahead and you’ll eventually pass out, your mind clearing the fog and whatever drug you were on. Run through the opening ahead and jump down in the pool of water which leads you to a ladder.

Climb down and speak to Markos to complete the quest, earning a Medium Experience Potion that you can use to level up and unlock the best stats for your build.

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