How to complete The Revolutionary Chef substory in Like a Dragon: Ishin

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Like a Dragon: Ishin gives you a lot of chances to whip up interesting dishes in your kitchen. There also are a lot of restaurants where you can eat food to restore your health. Food is clearly a focus, and that’s especially true for one NPC. If you spend time helping him find inspiration, he’ll even teach you a special recipe. Here’s our guide on how to complete ‘The Revolutionary Chef’ substory in Like a Dragon: Ishin.

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Like a Dragon: Ishin – how to complete The Revolutionary Chef substory

When you first meet the chef around which this mission revolves, he starts sniffing you as you pass. He is located in a seedy part of town, the alleyway along the northern side of the Gion district. The game identifies him as a ‘Scent-Enticed Man,’ but he soon explains he is a chef. He also asks for your help.

To complete The Revolutionary Chef substory, bring the man several dishes you have prepared in your kitchen. The dish doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Even something like Homemade Pickles will suffice. It will start to fill his meter fairly swiftly, as well.

Like A Dragon Ishin Revolutionary Chef Location

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You can continue to fill the bond meter with the Revolutionary Chef by bringing him more food from your kitchen. Four dishes should suffice, and you can bring them to him all at once. After you have filled the meter enough, he will temporarily depart. Leave the area, then return to talk to him again. He will share his new dish you inspired, Revolutionary Croquettes. The substory is also marked complete.

Like A Dragon Ishin Revolutionary Chef Reward

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You receive the recipe for the Revolutionary Croquette as a reward for completing the substory. Make it in your kitchen using a few common ingredients: Udon Flour (2), Egg, Potato (3), Carrot, and Cucumber. The preparation process is simple. You only have to slice some vegetables and fan a flame. When you succeed, you produce a meal that restores your health completely. You can make several croquettes and take them with you on your next adventure, or save them in storage.

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