How to complete Yerma’s questline in Blasphemous 2

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For the most part, your journey through the world of Blasphemous 2 is a lonely one, with very few friendly faces to greet you along the way. You’ll encounter a small selection of helpful characters, though, most interesting of which is the enigmatic Yerma. A traveling warrior with a mysterious past, Yerma will appear throughout your quest, offering her aid in a few of the game’s key boss fights. There’s a powerful Prayer in it for you if you see her story through to the end, so read on for full instructions on how to complete Yerma’s questline in Blasphemous 2.

A complete guide to Yerma’s questline in Blasphemous 2

Meeting 1 – Profundo Lamento

You’ll first encounter Yerma in Profundo Lamento, just before you drop down to the Ivy of Ascension Ability. The room where you encounter her will initially host a powerful swordsman enemy, who will more than likely kill you on your first playthrough before you’ve mastered the slide dodge maneuver. If you do die here, like I did, the swordsman will be gone when you return, and Yerma will be there in its place. If you defeat the swordsman, Yerma will appear there immediately.

Talk to Yerma, and you’ll get a vague introduction to her character, and the Steely Battle Lance Key Item, which unlocks the ability to use Marks of Martyrdom to unlock new skills on the skill trees of your weapons. After this, she’ll move on.

Meeting 2 – Sacred Entombments

The next time you meet Yerma will be in the Sacred Entombments, right at the bottom of the area, just outside the Great Preceptor Radames boss arena. She’ll delve a little deeper into her story, then ask you a couple of yes/no questions. Answer ‘Yes’ to both, and she’ll move on. When you challenge Radames, if you answered Yes, Yerma will join the fight and attack every so often with her spear, dealing some handy extra damage.

Meeting 3 – Beneath Her Sacred Grounds

Your third meeting with Yerma takes place in Beneath Her Sacred Grounds, at the bottom of the area just before the Afilaor boss arena. As with her Sacred Entombments appearance, she’ll give you some more details on her past, then ask if you want her to join you in your next confrontation. Say yes, and she’ll jump in during the upcoming Afilaor fight: a big help, since he’s one of the trickier battles in the mid-game.

Meeting 4 – Two Moons

The last step in Yerma’s questline is the trickiest. You’ll find her in Two Moons, next to the initially-sealed door to the Svsona, Formosa Fembra boss arena. She’ll ask for your help with finding some Holy Oil to anoint her spear, in preparation for the battle to come. You’ll need to find this Oil in order to advance her questline further, but it’s not in the most obvious location.

To find the Oil, travel to the leftmost Prie Dieu in the Elevated Temples area, drop down two floors, and head right. Here you’ll find a chasm that requires the Scions’ Protection Ability to cross. On the other side, you’ll find what you’re looking for: the Holy Oil of Everlasting Anointment Key Item. Take this back to Yerma in Two Moons, and she’ll ask you if you want her to join you in your next confrontation. Say yes, then proceed to complete the Svsona boss fight with her help.


Once you’ve defeated Svsona, Yerma will appear in her boss arena. Talk to her to hear the last section of her tale, and receive the Zejel of the Cruelest Thorn Prayer, a Quick Verse that creates a barrier of thorns that deal Miasma damage.

And with that, Yerma’s questline in Blasphemous 2 is complete. She’s an interesting character to follow throughout your quest, and one with some big implications in terms of the wider lore, but above all else she’s just really handy to have around in a tough boss fight. Her help, and the Prayer she gives you in the end, are both huge boons to any Blasphemous 2 playthrough.

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