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How to Complete Zombie Weekly Challenges in MW3 Zombies

Challenge accepted.

Surviving a horde of Zombies can use some spicing up. Here is how to complete the Zombie Challenges in Modern Warfare 3.

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MW3 Zombies: How to Complete Zombie Challenges

For those who have already played Season 0 of Modern Warfare 3, you know that both Multiplayer and Zombies – and now Warzone – have both Daily and Weekly Challenges up for you to collect. Weekly Challenges will unlock specific weapons, Aftermarket Parts, and even camo patterns that cannot be unlocked otherwise — at least for now. This means that you must get to complete them before each weekend. Season 1 Week 6 is live and with it, seven Zombies Weekly Challenges. Let’s take a closer look at how to complete the Modern Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Challenges.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Weekly Challenges – Week 6

Weekly ChallengeReward
Get 500 Hipfire Kills with a Recommended Weapon2,500 XP
Get 150 Toxic Damage Kills with Recommended LMGs5,000 XP
Get 5 Rapid Kills 15 times with Recommended SMGs5,000 XP
Get 5 Special Zombie Kills with Recommended LMGs5,000 XP
Get 300 Kills with the AMR9 while using 5 attachments7,500 XP
Get 300 Kills while moving with the AMR97,500 XP
Get 10 consecutive Kills without taking damage 20 times with Recommended SMGs10,000 XP

This week’s Zombie challenges are a little bit more specialized than Week 6’s challenges. Equipping SMGs and LMGs across multiple rounds will unlock several of the challenges, but I suggest using the AMR9 with five attachments as you will end up potentially completing up to five challenges at once with it since it is both a recommended weapon and an SMG. All you have to do next is pick up an LMG to land the toxic damage kills – which will require picking up the Brain Rot ammo mod from caches across the map – and special zombie kills.

If you wonder what Recommended Weapons are, these are weapons that the game will highlight when you are customizing your loadout. The reason they are highlighted is that they will complete a specific active weapon challenge. Contrary to Week 1 Zombie Challenges where a weapon such as the MCW would complete multiple challenges, Week 2 Challenges require using different types of Recommended Weapons, stepping things up a notch. Look for the “Recommended” tag like the one below to give you a head start when selecting an Insured Weapon.

Modern Warfare 3 Recommended Weapons
Image: Sledgehammer Games

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I cannot stress enough how important it is to complete the Modern Warfare Zombie Weekly Challenges on time. I missed out on the Golden River camo and well, here I am still with my vanilla non-camo guns. These challenges are not that hard and you can probably get some without even noticing, but please visit us since we will be updating this article when new weeks come around.

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