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How to cure Sickness in Sons of the Forest

Down with the Sickness!

No, you can’t eat raw food and that murky water will indeed kill you at the minimum. Here is how to cure Sickness in Sons of the Forest.

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Sons of the Forest: How to cure Sickness

There are a lot of ways to die in Sons of the Forest. Now, thanks to Sons of the Forest leaving its Early Access stage, there is a new status effect called Sickness that will kill you if left unattended. You will get this effect after either drinking unclean water or eating bad food. Now that’s realism! Thankfully, curing Sickness can happen as fast as you acquire it since you will only have to consume clean water or meds.

Out of the two of these, I would strongly recommend sticking with the meds. They are easier to get and require fewer steps to collect than making clean water. I know you might think “How can you find meds in the middle of nowhere?” Well, not only you can craft meds with natural resources – combine Yarrow and Aloe Vera – but you can also find meds in caches across the island, especially in abandoned campsites or your crash site. Search every suitcase and container and you will find these meds, which is also faster than crafting your own.

Build a Rain Catcher

Alternatively, if you choose to drink clean water, you can create a Water Collector – aka Rain Catcher – by using a turtle shell and sticks. You can also collect water from any source in a Flask and then boil it to create clean water. Again, this is a longer process than looking for and using meds, but it will help out with sustainability in the long run.

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Cook your food and purify your water to avoid getting the Sickness status to keep yourself alive. With that on your mind, you might never see the Sickness status claiming your life and ending your run.

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