How to defeat Edwyn The Shadowscourge Horror in The Last Faith

How to defeat Edwyn The Shadowscourge Horror in The Last Faith
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Before I beat Edwyn The Shadowscourge Horror in The Last Faith, I actually had to go grind some levels for myself and my weapon. This boss is no easy feat, and taking it down takes some work.

How to bring down Edwyn The Shadowscourge Horror

The first thing to note is that The Last Faith isn’t the kind of Soulslike that wants you to march into every boss battle with armfuls of potions. The Last Faith makes them scarce and loads you up with four before every restart because that is how the game is supposed to be played.

I think you will find that you should be able to beat most of the bosses in the game without using many potions at all. All of their movement patterns are learnable and can be countered and dodged accordingly.

Edwyn The Shadowscourge Horror move set

Like any good boss, this guy comes with two stages in The Last Faith. With every set of attacks I mention, only go for one combo before backing off. Any more will result in damage.

How to defeat Edwyn The Shadowscourge Horror in The Last Faith
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Stage 1

  • Purple Orbs – After slamming the ground, Edwyn The Shadowscourge Horror will spawn three balls of energy. These are slow-moving. I found that running from them when they are spawned, then rolling under them towards Edwyn, not only avoided them but also gave me the time to get some blows in.
  • Body Slam – Edwyn jumps into the air in The Last Faith before slamming into the ground. This is an easy one to predict by the falling rocks at the top of the screen. Just make sure you’re not under them. Then, you can wait for him to arrive before getting some attacks in.
  • Purple Wave – Again, after slamming the ground, a purple wave will rush out of Edwyn The Shadowscourge Horror. The best method for this is to stay behind his head. This will not only give you space to attack but also avoid his.
  • Whirlwind – When you are faced with the Whirlwind, continually run away from it. You won’t make any headway, but you’ll also not get sucked in. I found the best method was to jump over one of the oncoming orbs and then roll under the next. Time it as late as possible to successfully avoid them.
How to defeat Edwyn The Shadowscourge Horror in The Last Faith
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Stage 2

  • Rain of Balls – As soon as you land from the fall, Edwyn will start this attack. Stay right by his body and land blows. However, your priority should be on avoiding the balls; they can infect you with nightmare. Land a few attacks while you can.
  • Whirlwind V2 – This time, the whirlwind moves across the screen and will cause some pretty heavy damage when it hits you. If you time it right, you can use the I Frames to roll through this attack.
  • Suction Whirlwind – Very similar to the first but for a longer time and more balls. Use the previous technique.
  • Body Slam – This time, the body slam also includes a flying spike. You need to not only get out of the way but also roll to avoid damage in The Last Faith. So, use this roll to get closer to Edwyn and get a flurry of blows in before retreating.

Best time to attack

During the first stages, I found that attacking just after the body slam and during the waves and balls was perfect. I was able to get one long combo in before backing off. You should be able to get through this stage without using a health potion.

With stage two, you will need to be a little more cautious. If you still have your super, use it here during either the raining balls stage or the ground slam. Both of these are the best moments to put damage on Edwyn The Shadowscourge Horror in The Last Faith.

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