How to Defeat the Giant Worm in Lethal Company

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There is nothing like escaping the abandoned facility in Lethal Company and feeling that sense of safety. And then it’s stripped right away thanks to the notorious giant worm monster. Here’s how to defeat it.

How to Avoid the Giant Worm in Lethal Company

This monster is one of the rarest in Lethal Company for the time being, as within over 10 hours of playtime thus far, we have only encountered it once, and it was memorable.

This worm will surely catch players off guard. It can only spawn outside and will usually appear after 3 pm on most days. It also doesn’t really matter what planet you’re on, but we are assuming it’ll have the best chance to spawn on one of the lower-level moons.

Soon after landing, you’ll hear some rumbling beneath your feet, It’ll seem like nothing in the moment, and you’ll probably ignore it. This is often the giant worm moving around the planet’s inner core, waiting to strike.

As for how players will be able to avoid the giant worm, there isn’t much we can say besides run as fast as you can to the ship! Use one of the inhalers that you can purchase from the in-game store.

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Wolf_Clan706 on Reddit shared their friend’s traumatic experience with the giant worm, which really puts into perspective how monstrous this enemy is.

One of the only ways for players to sense that this enemy is nearing them is to have someone on the ship’s radar communicating via walkie-talkie that something massive is nearing them.

If they don’t see anything in their direct line of sight, it’s more likely underneath them, and hence the giant worm.

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