Wuthering Waves Belle Poppy
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How to farm Belle Poppy for character ascension in Wuthering Waves

I can buy myself flowers.

Collecting flowers will not only be a hobby but a means of becoming the most powerful Resonator in Wuthering Waves. Here is how to farm Belle Poppy for character ascension in Wuthering Waves.

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Wuthering Waves: How to farm Belle Poppy for character ascension

Similar to the Whisperin Cores, Belle Poppy is a flower-like material that is used to ascend a specific selection of your Resonators. In this case, Verina, Chixia, and Danjin all use Belle Poppy to ascend across each of their ranks – note that you will also need other materials to do this, so you might want to collect Howler Cores and Shell Credits.

Wuthering Waves Verina Ascension
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While you can purchase some Belle Poppy at the Shifang Pharmacy in Jinzhou city, the best way to get these is to collect them in the wild. Belle Poppy is found surrounding the Sea of Flames, just to the west of the Resonance Nexus next to Donglu Research Station. You might know this location from the We Promise, We Deliver exploration quest which is extremely long and filled with puzzles and lots of dialogue for you to enjoy – or skip.

Wuthering Waves Belle Poppy Location
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Regardless if you have completed it and cleansed the area from the Incinero Petals, you can find them spread across the area shown below. As you can see, they are concentrated across gravity anomalies found across the area. Just explore the section that engulfs the Sea of Flames to locate these. Don’t enter the Sea of Flames since you won’t find any Belle Poppy in the center.

Wuthering Waves Belle Poppy Found
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Remember that other than having the ascension materials necessary to rank up your Resonators, you will also have to get to the appropriate SOL3 Phase. This Phase will increase for every ten Union Levels you achieve while playing the game and completing quests, achievements, trophies, collecting echoes, defeating Elites, etcetera. Higher rank levels will cost much more materials, so don’t expect to get to the endgame any time soon.

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