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Wuthering Waves We Promise, We Deliver quest walkthrough: Fire thrower puzzle, three qualified barrels, and Inferno Rider

No empty promises here.

Don’t skip any of the steps below, this is one of the longest quests in Wuthering Waves! Here is how to complete the We Promise, We Deliver quest in Wuthering Waves.

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We Promise, We Deliver quest walkthrough for Wuthering Waves

We Promise, We Deliver is the very first exploration quest you will get in Wuthering Waves. You will get this quest once you get to SOL3 Phase 2 after achieving Union Level 10. It is a very long ride until we complete it, so hang tight! You will need to travel to the northeastern part of Jingzhou city to start this quest, right where the Research Center is located.

Wuthering Waves We Promise We Deliver Location
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Your first order of business is to check the Wanted poster, which will show a 100,000 SHC bounty for anyone who dares to travel to the Sea of Flames and defeat a mighty Tacet Discord enemy. Well, this is the most obvious foreshadowing, but let’s continue.

Wuthering Waves Wanted
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You will then meet Woodrow, the Wutherological Climate Researcher of the lab, who armed to the teeth with dad jokes. He introduces himself and talks about the Wanted poster we have just surveyed.

Wuthering Waves Woodrow
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As soon as you finish talking with Woodrow, you will receive a Notification of Order Cancellation in your Mail. To check it, open your Terminal and click on the Mail icon in the bottom part of the screen. Then, open the Lollo Logistics mail and you will be notified about a delivery cancellation, which of course you never issued.

Wuthering Waves Lollo Logistics Mail
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Head to the Lollo Logistics Jinzhou branch which is very close to the Research Lab. There, Tan Manliu and Mimika – Lollo Logistics employees – are discussing the same delivery that was canceled and from which you received its Notification. You will find out that said package was to be delivered to a location in the Sea of Flames (see, that’s foreshadowing for you), and despite Tang Manliu’s insistence, Mimika decides to follow the oath of Lello Logistics – we promise, we deliver – and go over there by herself. You will then have to follow her steps and her with Tang.

Wuthering Waves Manliu And Mimika

We Promise, We Deliver: Go to the location of Mimika’s contact touchpad

Thankfully, whenever you have to travel to a far location, the characters in this quest will allow you to fast travel to it. Once you arrive, speak with Tang Manliu who will tell you about the dangers of the Sea of Flames.

Wuthering Waves Sea Of Flames
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The whole Sea of Flames is covered with toxic flowers named Incinero Petals that are influenced by Tacet Discords, and if you step on them, you will become intoxicated and lose your health periodically. Go to the location of Mimika’s contact touchpad and don’t step on the field, unless it is necessary.

Wuthering Waves Sea Of Flames Damage
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once you arrive at the Mimika’s touchpad, you will find yourself in a Tacet Field, which of course means something bad is going to happen. The gravitational disbalances in the area took Mimika’s touchpad and flew it over here. Well, what could go wrong? Why do I hear boss music?

Wuthering Waves Touchpad
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Well, the mighty Tacet Discord enemy that we saw in the Wanted poster is the Inferno Rider, who is the manifestation of the force that is corrupting the whole area through a Tacet Mark. You will notice that your teammates are nowhere to be found and that the Inferno Rider equips an impenetrable barrier. This first encounter is not winnable, so the Rider will end up taking you out. No Echo collection this time.

Wuthering Waves Inferno Rider First Fight

You will, however, wake up shortly after and meet Woodrow once again. You are at the weather observatory in the Port Town of Guixu, and you find out some of the Lollo Logistics employees saved you from certain death.

Wuthering Waves Awake Woodrow
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Go outside and meet Mimika and Tang Manliuhe is the one who saved you all. Woodrow will appear next and he will be contacted by Mortefi, who conveniently has the key to penetrate the Inferno Rider’s barrier and the Tacet Mark we saw: a heavy weapon – you surely are a genius, Mortefi. And yes, this journey is far from over.

Wuthering Waves Woodrow Mortefi
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Unfortunately, the heavy weapon that Mortefi mentioned is in pieces throughout several research labs in the area. Before you go after them, head to the nearest Resonance Nexus to meet Mimika, who will apologize for all the trouble and then accompany you for the rest of the journey.

Wuthering Waves Resonance Nexus Mimika
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You will receive the coordinates of a signal coming from the Sea of Flames, so head to it by following the marker and, once you are there, you will meet a mysterious woman called Yuni. She is the one who ordered the package from Lollo Logistics, so at least we finally put an end to that. Up next: finding all the heavy weapon’s pieces.

Wuthering Waves Sos Signal
Screenshot: PC Invasion

We Promise, We Deliver: Shooter Puzzle

Once you head to the first research lab, you will find that it is inhabited by exiles. However, Yuni is among them and will prevent them from becoming hostile with you – although one of them is kind of angry, even his name says so. Anyway, the heavy weapon ends up being a Spear that explodes, and this research lab has the exploding tips, but the exiles can’t give them to you because they are locked bending a puzzle – which is in fact, a trial.

Wuthering Waves Yuni Exiles
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The Shooter puzzle will have you shoot at targets with a cannon. There are three different types of targets. The first type is the Normal Targets which will be destroyed by your shots quite easily. The second type is the Explosive Targets, and they will – you guessed it – explode and destroy any Targets in its vicinity. Finally, the Trap Targets are the ones you want to avoid since they give you point penalties. With those rules, complete the Shooter puzzle to get the first piece of the spears.

Wuthering Waves Shooting Puzzle Explosive Targets
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Wuthering Waves Trap Targets
Screenshot: PC Invasion

We Promise, We Deliver: Fire Thrower Puzzle

Our second stop in our search for the Spear parts will not come as friendly as before. We are met with some Exile mobsters that, while having the same appearance as the ones before, will do everything to prevent you from moving forward and defeat you. Defeat them and then proceed inside the research lab.

Wuthering Waves Exiles
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Wuthering Waves Exile Fight
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Inside, you will find that the breech parts are stored in a warehouse gate that can only be opened by completing the Fire Thrower puzzle. Well, time to do some proper puzzling! This is a “connect the pipes” type of puzzle. You will need to connect three different pipes from the fuel tanks to the flamethrower by using your Levitator. There are straight pipes and L-shaped pipes scattered around the floor so you can use them to connect them.

Wuthering Waves Fire Thrower Puzzle
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The first one is the easiest of the bunch. Just take a straight pipe and connect it to the fuel tank.

Wuthering Waves First Pipe 1
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The second one on the left is a bit trickier. Connect one L-shaped pipe on each of the corners of the pipeline to connect the flamethrower to the second fuel tank.

Wuthering Waves Second Pipe
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Finally, the pipeline on the right will need a straight pipe to connect it to the fuel tank and then an L-shaped one to connect it to the flamethrower. Once you complete the Fire Thrower puzzle, the flamethrower’s flames will burn the spikes on the top and you will receive the Spear breeches. Time for our final stop, or that’s what we thought.

Wuthering Waves Third Pipe
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Wuthering Waves Fire Thrower Puzzle Complete
Screenshot: PC Invasion

We Promise, We Deliver: Retrieve the filter

You see, the final research lab was overflowing with toxicity due to some Exile mobster intrusions, so you’ll need to pick up some filters for the survivors. Defeat the Exile mobsters in the area on your map so that you can complete the next step.

Wuthering Waves Defeat Exiles
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You will be tasked with activating four pressure platforms in under 30 seconds. This is very easy if you use your grappling hook, so don’t worry too much about this step.

Wuthering Waves Pressure Platforms
Screenshot: PC Invasion

At the final pressure platform, a training dummy will activate and you will need to hit it to make a Signals Console appear. Hack it by connecting the nodes below. By the way, I forgot to take a picture of the solution, so here are my drawing skills in a nutshell.

Wuthering Waves Signals Console Solution

We Promise, We Deliver: Find three qualified barrels

The final research lab will have us complete another puzzle similar to the ones before. However, this will be very different. The Spear barrels have flown into the air and are now located all across the Sea of Flames. You will need to locate the three qualified barrels in the toxic field since only they can be used to craft the final Spear.

Wuthering Waves Third Trial
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Wuthering Waves Qualified Barrels
Screenshot: PC Invasion

How will you find the qualified barrels? Well, there will be barrel clusters across the field that you will need to hit. The ones that are not qualified will break and the qualified ones will remain strong. The tricky part will be surviving the toxic field of the Sea of Flames. Thankfully, by destroying unqualified barrels, you will gain a small period of toxic immunity. Use this to head safely to all three of the qualified barrels’ approximate locations and hit them all to uncover them.

Wuthering Waves Qualified Barrel
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Once done, you will now have to test the full-built Spears by defeating Tacet Discords. Woodrow will have three different Sound Emulators that will attract the presence of TD enemies. Use your Levitator to aim the Spears and then shoot the Sound Emulators to defeat all TDs. Prevent them from destroying the Sound Emulators by continuously shooting them with your Spears.

Wuthering Waves Spear Sound Emulators
Screenshot: PC Invasion

We Promise, We Deliver: Defeat Inferno Rider

Now that the spears have been fully tested and ready to be used, it is time for round two of your Inferno Rider fight. Similar to the first one, keep attacking him until he uses his barrier to protect himself, like the coward that he is.

Wuthering Waves Inferno Rider Second Round
Screenshot: PC Invasion

However, shortly after activating his barrier, our friends will shoot over one of the Spears with a catapult. While it will not directly impact the Inferno Rider, you will be able to use your Levitator once again to shoot it straight at him. This will effectively destroy its barrier.

Wuthering Waves Infero Rider Spear
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Wuthering Waves Shoot Infero Rider Spear
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Now that this is a fair battle, face the Inferno Rider with everything you’ve got. I would suggest leveling up your characters to level 30 since the Inferno Rider is a level 35 boss. Dodge, dip, dive, duck, and dodge while using your Resonance Abilities and Intro and Outro skills while Healing with your support Resonator and you will get rid of him in no time. Just beware of his attacks while he is on his bike, he is quite fast.

Wuthering Waves Inferno Rider On Foot
Screenshot: PC Invasion

We Promise, We Deliver: Dash until the end of the Gravity Storm

Once you defeat him, the whole arena will change and be levitated into the air and you will transform into the Inferno Rider by using your Resonance abilities.

Wuthering Waves Inferno Rider
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Wuthering Waves Tacet Structure
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You will then enter a mini-race section in which you will need to evade any incoming obstacles and get to the top of the track. You can also destroy boxes to gain valuable items, but for some reason, I wasn’t able to do so. Maybe I’m not skilled at all, but to be honest, the driving does feel like a bit of an afterthought. Once you get to the top, you will throw your weapon straight to the Tacet Mark, destroying it.

Wuthering Waves Inferno Rider Ride
Wuthering Waves Inferno Sword Sword Shoot
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Wuthering Waves Tacet Explosion
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The whole area will then be purified from its toxicity, making it a bit nicer to the view, although it is still in shambles after all the senseless destruction. Finally, get back to the Lollo Logistics Jinzhou branch and talk once again with Tang Manliu and Mimika to wrap up this quest.

Wuthering Waves Sea Of Flames Restored
Screenshot: PC Invasion
Wuthering Waves We Promise We Deliver Ending
Screenshot: PC Invasion

And there you have it, one of the longest guides I’ve ever written for a quest that has quite the memorable moments. You will now be able to face the Inferno Rider once again if you want to collect valuable currency and items and farm them to help your Resonators level up and ascend. After all this trouble, it seems that Lollo Logistics does live by its motto: they promise, and they deliver.

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