Best Ways To Farm Sealed Tubes In Wuthering Waves
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How to farm Tuners for Echoes in Wuthering Waves

Tune your set up.

Resources in Wuthering Waves are paramount. Like most Gacha games, many resources you find in the world help you level up. Tuners are much like that, and we’ll show you how to farm them in Wuthering Waves for Echoes.

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Wuthering Waves: How to farm Tuners for Echoes

Having Tuners stocked is crucial, they make your Echo stronger. If you’ve been playing Wuthering Waves for a while, you probably notice that whatever makes your Echo stronger, makes you stronger too. This could result in making Tuners rather rare. However, yours truly has found some great ways to farm them in the game.

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Tacet Fields

These areas seem to be made to grind for those Tuners. Tacet Fields are locations where you can fight Overlord-Class Tacet Discords. They reward players with rarer resources like Tuners which makes them idea to fight. However, you won’t get anything unless you spend at least 60 Waveplates in these areas. Now, you can only get 240 Waveplates daily, so be smart when using them before attempting to get the rewards. 

Data Bank

Leveling up your Data Bank is already important. The higher you go, the better and stronger Echoes you’ll encounter. While it’s great for earning monsters to help you, the Data Bank is another way to farm for the Tuners. Since you’ll be fighting monsters almost all the time, leveling up the Data Bank comes with ease. I’d suggest farming for the Tuners in Wuthering Waves this way. It’s consistent and much easier to do than attempting the Tacet Feilds. What I like about this method is that you can do it often, as long as you’re engaging in different enemy types. On top of that, it seems every level in the Data Bank has rewards with Tuners. They can range from Medium to Premium. If you want to have a higher chance of getting Tuners for your Echoes, leveling up your Data Bank may be the way to go. 

How to farm Tuners for Echoes in Wuthering Waves
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Tuners can make you stronger, which in turn can make your Intros and Outros even better. 

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