How to farm Zenny in Monster Hunter Now

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In Monster Hunter Now there are two different currencies: Zenny and Gems which unlock various things. Zenny will be the main currency you use. Since the mobile game does have many things to buy and a slow rate of income, you may run out of money faster than normal. Monster Hunter Now features tons of ways to get Zenny and can be done in several ways. However, as mentioned, not all are fast, and not all will give out a high amount of Zenny. If you’re going broke quickly and not able to earn fast enough, this guide will show you how to farm Zenny in Monster Hunter Now.

Monster Hunter Now: How to farm Zenny

Being able to have money on you at all times is important in the game. You can get more weapons, which allows you to swap them in the wild. On top of that, each weapon has Special Skills that can make combat even better. Additionally, you can upgrade your gear to make you stronger with Zenny. So having the currency on hand is usually a good idea.

Use real money

Since the game is free to play, you can earn Zenny by spending real money if you choose to go that route. When you do, you’ll get Gems which can be used to buy Zenny or other gear. By spending 220 Gems you get 1000 Zenny and if you spend 1890 Gems, you’ll get 10000 Zenny. This is the fastest way to farm for the currency.

Note: Gems outside of the free ones you get can only be bought with real money

Completing Special Quests

Monster Hunter Now has missions that give out Zenny, albeit not a lot, but if you grind you can earn them that way. However, there are daily quests called Special Quests which have given me more Zenny than the normal story quests. These missions are easier to do and most of them will have you doing things like killing normal monsters or gathering resources. So, if you’re out and about fight as many monsters as you can. Even if it slows down the story for you, you’ll be earning money quickly this way. 

Take on higher-star monsters

You can also find two and above star monsters. The more stars they have, the more rewards you’ll get. But this may take some time because with more stars, the monsters are rarer and you’ll be consumed with the grind this way. So try mixing this method with the Special Quest way, you can earn Zenny quickly doing that.

Monster Hunter Now is available now via iOS and Google Play.

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