Pokémon Scarlet And Violet The Indigo Disk Iron Crown
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How to find Iron Crown in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet The Indigo Disk

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There’s always space in our Pokedex for a Paradox Pokémon. Here is how to find the Iron Crown in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet The Indigo Disk.

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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: How to find Iron Crown in The Indigo Disk

The Iron Crown is one of the new Paradox Pokémon you will be able to catch in The Indigo Disk. However, there are many requirements that you will have to fulfill to get it, which makes it one of the hardest Pokémon to catch. First of all, the Iron Crown is exclusive to Pokémon Violet, so Pokémon Scarlet trainers can only get it through trading. With that out of the way, here are the steps you need to accomplish. Take notes and prepare yourself, this will not be easy:

  • You must start and complete the Bloodmoon Ursaluna quest in Kitakami if you haven’t already. Locate Perrin at Mossui Town and then return to the Blueberry Academy Terrarium.
  • You will have to register a total of 200 different Pokémon in your Blueberry Pokedex.
  • Once you do, find Perrin in the Savanna Rest Area 1. After interacting with her, she will show you some pics of the Iron Crown. You will have to find its exact location based on Perrin’s pics.

If you don’t recognize the pics, Iron Crown is actually walking around Area Zero in the Great Crater of Paldea. Enter the area through the main base and on the left, before Research Station 1, you will notice a lower zone that is protected with fences. Use Miraidon to jump down that cliff and you will land on a patch of land, with the Iron Crown waiting for you.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Iron Crown
Image: Game Freak

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Treat Iron Crown like a regular Legendary and attempt to catch it using an assortment of techniques. Using a Master Ball, Quick Balls, or exploiting its weaknesses (fire, ground, ghost, dark) are great ways to approach this encounter. Just don’t one-hit it with your Pokémon, of course.

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