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How to find the Curiosity Vendors in Diablo 4

Leaving things up to chance may be a good thing.

Gold is the main currency you will encounter while battling monsters in Sanctuary. While it’s the common type of currency, it’s not the only one you’ll get in Diablo 4. As you progress through the game, you may notice two more coinages at the bottom of your character panel. One is Red Dust, which you accumulate through PVP, and the other is Murmuring Obols which you can get from slaying monsters. While you collect the Murmuring Obols, the game doesn’t give you many indicators of where to spend them. This is where a special type of vendor comes into play – curiosity vendors. So you may ask yourself, how to find curiosity vendors in Diablo 4? If you read on, this guide could help you discover the locations of these shopkeeps.

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Diablo 4: How to find the curiosity vendors

The curiosity vendors are called Purveroyers of the Curiosities and there are a total of 8 of them. The best way to find most of them is by heading to any major city.

Searching for them may take some time, so let’s pinpoint the exact locations of the vendors.

  • Kyovashad: This is the first town you come across and is fairly large, so you may get lost looking for the vendor. Using the waypoint as a reference, head southeast till you reach a sewer entrance. Once you make it to the location, you’ll meet Lizveth who’s the main vendor.
  • Yelesna: Finding the vendor in this city is much more straightforward and easier. First, locate the Hog’s Head Inn. If you’re at the Waypoint, look northeast of it, and the Inn should be in that direction. After you’ve reached your destination, go inside and search for Rodyar, he will be on the left of the Innkeeper.
  • Cerrigar: Located near the south entrance, this Purveroyer of the Curiosities is hard to miss. Head towards the city center from wherever you enter Cerrigar, you should see a waypoint. Afterward, head southeast of it, the vendor should be near a wall.
  • Ked Bardu: The vendor for Ked Bardu is slightly harder to find, mainly because they are tucked away quite well. Regardless of where you enter the city from, head to the northwest corner of the map.
  • Jiradani: For this vendor simply head north of the waypoint if you’re coming from the north side. If you’re coming from Scourging Sands which is the south side, keep going till you reach a path leading to the Untamed Scraps. The shopkeep will be on the left, just beyond the side quest on the right.
  • Gae Kul: There are only two ways to enter this city, so no matter where you come from, your endpoint will be the same. Upon entering Gae Kul, head eastward towards the stables, go past them, and past the 2 side quests. The Purveroyer of the Curiosities will be behind or near them.
  • Zarbinzent: From the middle of the city, head southeast towards a building. There will be a side quest just outside of it, when you enter, the vendor should be on your right.
  • Forsaken Coast: This vendor is exactly north of the waypoint, however, since there is water around, you should follow the left or right path to get there. The Purveroyer of the Curiosities is situated in a corner near a few side quests.
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What are the curiosity vendors selling

Their shop has high-tier gear that you can get, but the spin is that you may not know what you’ll obtain. For example, if you select the glove tab, you may land on a random chance of getting an Epic-tired glove. So every time you spend Murmuring Obols, it’ll be up to chance of what you get.

Additionally, these vendors also sell Whispering Keys, which are the cheaper option, and sell for 20 Obols. The keys can be used to open any silent chest littered throughout the world, these chests also have a mystery to them, since it’s a gamble on what you land with.

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