Some players are witnessing some weird and annoying crashes on the PC version of Dark Souls 3, especially during times in which players are using bonfires. Although the PC port of the game has been pretty solid all in all, these crashes can be annoying for PC gamers.

    From Software is still searching for a fix on this issue, but there is a temporary solution for these crashes that will definitely help you experience Dark Souls 3 without the fear of crashing. Steam users have reported that if you set the Lightning Quality to “Low” in the Settings of the game , the crashes are not occurring during the use of bonfires. If you have experienced crashes like the ones mentioned above, you should definitely try this out in order to avoid losing progress.

    While it’s not an ideal solution, it’s definitely a good tip in order to enjoy Dark Souls 3 in the best possible way. We are pretty sure that the developers will fix this issue pretty fast with a patch in coming days.


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