The Final Shape Destiny 2 Campaign
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How to fix Final Shape campaign progress not tracking in Destiny 2

Don't lose your progress!

While we are all eager to see how the story unfolds during The Final Shape’s events, some Guardians could end up replaying some of its missions ad infinitum. Here is how to fix The Final Shape campaign progress not tracking in Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2: How to fix Final Shape campaign progress not tracking in Destiny 2

With The Final Shape already available for us to enjoy, Bungie has alerted all Guardians about several existing issues that have not been resolved as of The Final Shape’s launch for Destiny 2. One of the most important ones will hinder your campaign’s progress if you meet specific criteria during your playthrough.

This will happen if you are playing The Final Shape’s campaign in a fireteam and you choose to join any missions in progress or you choose to swap your active character during the campaign.

Destiny 2 Fireteam
Image: Bungie

As you might imagine, the way you will fix this issue is by sticking to one of your characters and starting each of the campaign’s missions from the start by not using matchmaking. There is a possibility that you will join an in-progress mission if there is a fireteam that needs an extra member which will break your progress.

Unfortunately, for the time being, there is no way for players to record their campaign progress if they do end up swapping characters or joining said missions at launch, but Bungie has stated that they are fully aware of the situation and will work on a solution.

The Final Shape Destiny 2 Campaign 2
Image: Bungie

Since The Final Shape will probably have a ton of Guardians at launch, you will probably experience some other issues that might hinder your Destiny 2 experience due to some connectivity or server instability issues.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if you end up with some Cat, Currant, or other animal-named error codes appearing when trying to play The Final Shape. Keep that in mind, and good luck, Guardians!

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