How to Fix HDR Broken For PS5 and Xbox in Jedi: Survivor

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If you own Jedi: Survivor on either PS5 or Xbox Series S/X, you may have wanted to make use of HDR so that the game can look as crisp as possible. Unfortunately, players have found that HDR does not work properly on these versions of the game. Those who enabled HDR typically saw their image quality plummet, with the screen often darkening to an excessive degree on PS5. Although no one has found a permanent fix for the issue at this moment, YouTuber GamingTech did discover some temporary solutions that players could use until a patch arrives. Naturally, these solutions differ between the PS5 and Xbox versions, so here is what you can do for each.

Solutions for Jedi: Survivor HDR issue

HDR fix for PS5

Before you boot up Jedi: Survivor on PS5, you should first open up the system’s HDR settings. From there, raise all three Adjust values to their highest levels. You will know you have done this correctly once you see the up button on the d-pad grey out on the TV screen. Afterward, boot up Jedi: Survivor, open up the in-game HDR settings, and move the Brightness value to 20 and the Black Point value to 5.

HDR fix for Xbox

If you have the game on Xbox, open the system’s HDR settings, select Next on HDR Game Calibration, and then select Next again without adjusting anything on the Minimum Luminance screen. On both Maximum Luminance screens, set the brightness to its highest level. Then, open Jedi: Survivor’s HDR settings and set the Black Point value to 25 while keeping Brightness at its default level.

GamingTech has uploaded two videos showing how to temporarily fix HDR on both versions of Jedi: Survivor, so feel free to watch those below. Although these solutions won’t necessarily result in the most ideal image quality, they will have to do for now until Respawn gets everything in order.

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