How To Fix Playlist Not Found Error In Xdefiant
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How to fix “Playlist not found” error in XDefiant

Another rough launch.

If you’re jumping into XDefiant for the first time and encounter errors such as “Unable to Find Match” and “Playlist not found”, there are some possible solutions on how to fix this issue.

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XDefiant: How to fix “Unable to Find Match: Playlist not found” error

It’s not surprising in the slightest to see an online multiplayer game launch riddled with matchmaking and connection issues. I even attempted to join a game, except I was met with an error telling me that it couldn’t get me into a match, nor find a playlist. So how can you get around this? Unfortunately, the best way to fix this “Playlist not found” error in XDefiant is to wait patiently for Ubisoft to fix the issue.

In a Twitter/X post, XDefiant stated that the team is aware that some players cannot join a game, and it’s looking into servers and matchmaking. This is good news for anyone eager to play XDefiant since this was posted just half an hour after launch.

Hopefully, within the next couple of hours, all players will be able to jump into XDefiant matches. If you’re still interested in trying to fix this issue, here are some possible solutions:

  • Matchmake different playlists: I attempted to get into the Welcome Playlist first, which gave me this error. Perhaps you can fix this by attempting to enter different types of playlists. XDefiant has a few different game modes that all have separate matchmaking lobbies. Try at least all of them to see if they work.
  • Restart your internet: This sounds like a given with any internet issues, but if you think it may work, try it out. It never hurts to unplug your internet router, wait 10 seconds, and plug it back in. Perhaps the issue is coming from your internet and not the servers (although as of writing this it seems like a server issue)
  • Verify files: Maybe you didn’t install XDefiant correctly, and it requires you to verify your files. You can do this by going to the game’s page on Ubisoft Connect, clicking the three dots, and selecting “Verify files”. It shouldn’t take long, and it may solve your problem.

If none of these solutions work, I’d advise you to simply wait until Ubisoft fixes the matchmaking problem itself. You’re not the only one unable to enter a game, so it’s out of your hands currently. While you’re waiting for a game, you should brush up on your knowledge of all maps and modes coming to XDefiant’s pre-season.

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