Eliminate All Combatants Destiny 2
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How to fix the eliminate all combatants bug in Destiny 2

So alone.

While playing Destiny 2, I reached a point where I had to eliminate all combatants, but none remained. This prevented me from moving on with the mission, but I worked out how to fix it.

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How to fix the Eliminate all Combatants error

I was worried about losing my progression in Destiny 2; however, this wasn’t a problem. To fix the game-breaking bug with combatants, I simply exited the mission by visiting the Tower and relaunched it on the same difficulty. Destiny 2 remembered what checkpoint I was at and started me there, this time with combatants to eliminate.

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This is a helpful feature and can be used for other purposes in the game. If your inventory is getting a little full of weapons, you can head back to the tower. This will give you time to drop off weapons and armor you may want to go through later.

Also, if you have forgotten to pick up your daily bounties, you can always drop out of the campaign and pick some up. There is no need to worry about losing progress in whatever mission you’re currently in. So, if you’re stuck on a mission with no enemies spawning yet you cannot progress in Destiny 2 due to the Eliminate all Combatants bug, simply drop out to the tower or other safe space.

This will reset the enemies but won’t force you to complete the whole mission again.

Will you lose progress by returning to The Tower?

If you need to drop out of a campaign mission for any reason, be it to grab some lunch or catch your breath, you won’t lose progress. This is particularly helpful if you’re playing through a mission on Legendary and need a break. They can be particularly difficult.

Just make sure that when you start your mission back up, you launch with the same difficulty you were playing before. This will put you back into Destiny 2 at the last checkpoint you reached rather than the beginning due to the servers uploading your data.

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