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Is The Final Shape the last Destiny 2 expansion? Answered

Is this the end of Destiny 2?

The Final Shape expansion brings an end to the decade-long Light and Darkness saga of Destiny 2, and since everything has been building up to this from the beginning, many players are wondering what the future of the game looks like. Is The Final Shape the final Destiny 2 expansion?

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Destiny as a franchise isn’t going anywhere, so there’s no need to worry about that. The future of Destiny 2, however, will look different going forward after the release of The Final Shape. New update schedules are replacing the traditional seasonal model, and you may not be purchasing big expansions as often as you’re used to.

Are More Destiny Expansions Coming After Final Shape?

The Final Shape is not the end of Destiny 2. Bungie has not officially announced any expansions for the years following The Final Shape, but the game and universe will continue to grow in exciting ways.

The most significant difference to Destiny 2’s content delivery model post-Final Shape is the shift from seasons to Episodes. There will only be three Episodes of these throughout the year instead of four seasons, and each Episode will contain three Acts that act as mid-season updates with new missions, gear, and items every six weeks. Here’s the current Episode schedule for year seven of Destiny 2.

  • Echoes: March-June
  • Revenant: July-October
  • Heresy: November-February

Once The Final Shape has been out for a while and Episodes start to release, Bungie will most likely share more information about the future of Destiny 2 in the years to come. The Final Shape is not the end of Destiny, but with a decade-long saga finally coming to an end, Episodes might be the only major content updates that the game receives for the time being.

They at least seem to be packed with content like Exotic missions and new activities, though, so they won’t feel too different from the usual Destiny 2 updates.

Whether it’s a new yearly expansion, a fully-fledged sequel, or something else, there will surely be a follow-up to The Final Shape in some form. Hopefully, the reveal of the next chapter of Destiny comes sooner rather than later. Keep an eye out for news once the Echoes episode releases and The Final Shape raid has been cleared.

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