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With an ambitious update like Destiny 2: Lightfall, there are bound to be a few little glitches here and there that crop up. The latest to become the bain of the community’s life is an issue in which the player becomes invisible. This may sound like a bit of a bonus, but in actual fact, it’s more of an annoyance. The invisibility makes your character, weapon, and reticule invisible. This isn’t a huge problem in PvE, but during a PvP match it makes gameplay impossible. For many, working out how to fix the invisibility bug in Destiny 2 is essential. You’re not going to be getting many headshots if your aim is all guesswork.

How to fix the invisibility bug in Destiny 2: Lightfall

Currently, the issue is in its early stages. Finding a permanent fix may take some time. As a quick workaround, the best option is to simply quit out of whatever event you are playing and try to load back in again. If this doesn’t work then the next option is to turn the game off and completely restart. The problem seems to be within the code of the game rather than a hardware error.

Bungie is usually pretty good at jumping on issues like this pretty quickly. For a 6-year-old game, has spent a lot of time and effort into keeping the environment functional for all.

Of course, you could just embrace this new look. See it as a new challenge for the game, a hardcore mode if you will. If you become proficient at clipping headshots without a reticule, just imagine how devastating you’re going to be once it gets patched out for good. Either way, I’m sure the development team at Bungie knows how to fix the invisibility bug in Destiny 2 and will have it sorted out in no time.

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