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How to fix the lost Mote of Light from the Servitor Boss in The Blooming bug Destiny 2

And it's gone!

The Pale Heart offers an incredible new area to explore, but it is not without issues. Here’s how to fix the lost Mote of Light from the Servitor Boss in The Blooming bug in Destiny 2.

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What is the Servitor Boss Mote of Light bug in Destiny 2?

Overflow bosses around the Pale Heart drop Motes of Light when you defeat them, which are required for a particular Exotic Weapon. The issue many players are running into is the Mote of Light doesn’t appear after defeating the Servitor boss in The Blooming.

Unfortunately, the lost Mote doesn’t go to the Postmaster like other missed items, which is a big problem.

How to fix the Servitor Mote of Light bug in Destiny 2

I’ll explain a strategy to prevent the Mote from disappearing in a moment, but if you’re reading this guide, you’re probably already in a pickle. Here’s what’s happening.

When the Servitor dies, it should drop a Mote like any other boss. For some reason, the Servitor can throw it across the map instead. Unfortunately, this means the Mote can be almost anywhere in the area.

If you’ve defeated the boss and can’t find the Mote, I recommend not leaving the Blooming until you find it. The Mote should be in proximity, but it may not be close to where you beat the boss. Ultimately, the Mote is tiny and has physics, so try to look for crevices and gaps where it may have gotten stuck. Mine got stuck by some roots at ground level and was almost impossible to see until I brushed past it.

How to fix the lost Mote of Light from the Servitor Boss in The Blooming bug Destiny 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you’ve yet to battle the Servitor, taking the fight slowly is a good strategy. Wait until the Servitor enters the room in the image above before finishing it. The Servitor can still throw the Mote, but the walls and ceiling will catch it, so it won’t go as far.

Am I stuck if I can’t find the Mote of Light?

Ultimately, this issue is widespread enough that Bungie knows about it. If the bug can’t be fixed, I imagine they will give the Mote to everyone or lessen the requirements for the Exotic weapon I mentioned earlier.

Some users have reported that the Mote has appeared after defeating the boss several times. We can’t verify if this works, but if all else fails, it’s worth a shot.

The Pale Heart is a confusing place. Make sure you’re familiar with Memory Vestiges, as they are essential for unlocking your Prismatic potential.

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