How to get a Ruby in Return to Moria

Ruby In Return To Moria
Screenshot: PC Invasion

In the Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria, you’ll need to grab a Ruby to construct better weapons to fight off the tougher Orcs and Uruks that lay ahead.

Precious gems such as these haven’t been needed before, so you may be confused as to how to get them.

Getting Rubies in Return to Moria

Rubies are precious gems in Return to Moria and are, naturally, pretty tricky to acquire. Unlike semi-precious gems, you can’t get them as a by-product of mining ores. Instead, you’ve either got to find them or spelunk pretty deeply.

I found most of my Rubies from looting Orc Chests found in their little encampments. If you’re having difficulty defeating the Orcs thanks to your low-tier weapon, then I’d suggest a hit-and-run tactic, where you destroy the totem and flee. Without the totem, the Orcs won’t spawn back, and the Orc Key and Orc Chest are yours to loot.

Orc Town In Return To Moria
Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you want even more Rubies, however, or keep getting destroyed by the Orcs, then you’ll have to pay a visit to the deepest depths of Moria. Precious gems are found in their own veins, either in Orc Encampments or in deep places, like the Darkest Deeps or the Dark Mineshaft.

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Getting to the Darkest Deeps in Return to Moria

Places like the Darkest Deeps are difficult to find in Return to Moria. Each region on the map has a system of rooms with rocky outlines. In these regions, the “mines” of each part of Moria, you can find ravines with planks of wood lying over them. You Dwarf may comment on this when you stand on top of one.

If you build quick platforms or ladders, you can venture your way down into a very treacherous place. You’ll want to ensure you have food and enough materials for a Stone Hearth and a Mapstone.

Sunstone Deposit In Return To Moria
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Down here, you’ll find veins and deposits of precious gems. You won’t always get a Ruby, but if you keep mining, you’ll eventually get some. Just be very weary of any other inhabitants who will not want to share the darkness with you.

I hope you’ve found this helpful, and that you’ll be finding all the Rubies you need.

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