How To Get All Archaic Armor Tears Of The Kingdom
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How to get all Archaic Armor in Tears of the Kingdom

Archaic antiquity.

When you’re adventuring for the first time in Tears of the Kingdom, finding a good outfit is vital. One of the first Armor sets that you’ll find throughout your time on the Great Sky Island is the Archaic Armor. There are a few different pieces of this armor scattered across the island, whether its a tunic or warm legwear. If you’re wondering how to get all the Archaic Armor in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, we have you covered.

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All Archaic Armor locations in Tears of the Kingdom

How To Get All Archaic Armor Tears Of The Kingdom Legwear

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Archaic Legwear

This will be the first outfit you come across in Tears of the Kingdom, it’s hard to miss. Once you’ve lost Zelda and have suddenly awoken alone, keep heading through the tunnels. In these Zonai ruins, you’ll eventually find a room with a chest. Inside is the Archaic Legwear, which has a defense level of two.

Archaic Tunic

To get the tunic, you’ll have to get a little further into Tears of the Kingdom. You can find the Archaic Tunic in the Pondside Cave, near the southern part of the island. This cave is one of many Discoveries you can come across, which are little areas with nice rewards.

Check out our guide on where to find the Archaic Tunic and the Pondside Cave for a more detailed explanation. Just like the legwear, this tunic with a defense level of one is in a chest deep within the cave.

Archaic Warm Greaves

When you’re exploring the snowy area on Great Sky Island, the temperature will drop fast. At first, your only solution is to cook food that can keep you cold resistant, until you reach the Gutanbac Shrine. The Archaic Warm Greaves help keep Link toasty warm from the blistering-cold weather. Before you get these pants, you’ll need to complete the Gutanbac Shrine for the Ascend ability.

With your new ability at hand, head over to the large tree trunk northeast to the Shrine. If you walk under the branch platform that stretches outwards, you’ll be able to Ascend and walk to the center of the trunk. There, you’ll find a small campfire and a chest. Inside this chest will be the Archaic Warm Greaves, which frees you from having to keep cooking cold-resistant food. Also, these pants have a defense level of two.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available on the Nintendo Switch.

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