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How to get all Tix and Tokens in Gunfight Arena: Roblox The Classic event walkthrough

I hope you're aim is good.

Your aim better be good if you’re wanting to complete the Gunfight Arena The Classic event in Roblox. Here’s how to find all ten Tix in the Classic map, then get some tags in.

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To complete the Gunfight Arena The Classic event, you’ll need to beat two stages. The first stage will require you to get ten Tix by shooting them around the map. Doing this will unlock Classic weapons for you to use.

The second phase will then require you to get tags with the unlocked Classic weapons. Upon getting enough tags with a Classic weapon, you’ll earn the Token.

Let’s start by finding all the Gunfight Arena Tix.

How to find all Tix in Gunfight Arena for Roblox The Classic

A few maps each have ten Tix for you to find. As the Happy Hood map is exclusively the only one people ever pick, I’ll cover that map’s Tix.

Note that you technically don’t need to find all the ten Tix scattered around The Classic map. You just need to shoot ten of them. They will reset every match, so all you must do is find and shoot ten of them. Whether that’s in one match, or three.

It is really difficult to describe where exactly the Tix is, as the map is symmetrical, so I will tell you the areas that you’ll find the Tix in with pictures provided.

There are two Tix next to rocks:

There are three Tix inside the houses, downstairs and upstairs:

There are three Tix around the tunnels:

There is one Tix next to a tree:

Gunfight Arena The Classic Roblox Tix Upstairs
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Finally, there is one Tix next to a chimney:

Gunfight Arena The Classic Roblox Tix Next To Rock
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You can use the rocks to jump onto a roof to access this Tix.

Again, you don’t need to fetch all of these Tix on one run. Just grab as many as you can and shoot the same ones in the next match. As soon as you’ve shot ten of them, you’ll complete the first phase of the Gunfight Arena The Classic event.

How to get all Tokens in Gunfight Arena for Roblox The Classic

Now that you’ve got all ten Tix in Gunfight Arena, you have now unlocked all five Classic weapons:

  • Rocket Launcher
  • Slingshot
  • Paintball Gun
  • Bomb
  • Superball

You’ll need to complete the following five challenges, using those weapons:

  • Get 50 Tags with the Paintball Gun
  • Get 25 Tags with the Slingshot
  • Get 25 Tags with the Superball
  • Get 50 Tags with the Bomb
  • Get 100 Tags with the Rocket Launcher

Upon completing a challenge, you’ll earn a Token for Roblox The Classic.

Pro tip: even after getting all the Tix you need, shooting the Tix with a Classic weapon will count toward your Tag total, which will give you ten free Tags per game.

Unfortunately, there’s not really any advice I can give here apart from the classic “git gud” (pun intended). If you’re good at the game, you’ll get those Tags in no time. Remember that you won’t need to get every single Token to get all the rewards for the event.

Good luck! If ever you get bored of getting Tags, remember that there are much easier Roblox The Classic games to play for Tokens and Tix.

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