How to get and use Light Shield Breakers buff in Destiny 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

How to get and use Light Shield Breakers buff in Destiny 2

It's easy when you know how.

The Final Shape Campaign has several sections with Dungeon-style mechanics. These can be pretty confusing, so let me show you how to get and use the Light Shield Breakers buff in Destiny 2.

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How to get and use Light Shield Breakers buff in Destiny 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

While you’re working through the Lost Sectors for the quest, you’ll find several floating shielded crystals like the one in the picture above. You must destroy these to open passages blocked by green energy fields.

Green Pool
Screenshot: PC Invasion

When a crystal is active, you’ll notice a bar at the top of your screen with a title that reads “Light Shield Breaker.” To fill the bar, walk into green pools scattered around the area (pictured above). Once you’ve filled the bar, you can break the shield and destroy the crystal with gunfire.

You’ll have to repeat this mechanic several times through the Lost Sector, and some of the pools are tucked away in small rooms or corners. These areas can get pretty chaotic, so I recommend defeating every enemy before looking for the buff.

If you’re struggling in combat, make sure you’re using your Hunter’s Journal to the fullest, as it provides handy bonuses.

I’m missing a Light Shield Breaker buff. Where is it?

How to get and use Light Shield Breakers buff in Destiny 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You can usually spot the buffs with a quick scan of the area, but you may struggle with the crystal in the corridor. It took me a while to find every buff here, but despite the small area, there are plenty of gaps to either side.

There’s one buff tucked into the room to the left as soon as you enter the area. The next is to the right by the tree, and it is hard to see as the floor is covered in grass. The final buff is right next to the crystal, just out of view to the right.

There is another section with the same mechanic in the next room. The area is larger, but the buffs are much easier to see.

The Final Shape has brought several sweeping changes to the game, and several existing items have different uses. Exotic Ciphers, in particular, are more valuable than ever before, so prioritize getting more when you can.

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