How to get and use Lucky Pants in Destiny 2
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How to get and use Lucky Pants in Destiny 2

I wanna be just like Cayde-6!

Few Exotics embody the theme of their Class quite like Lucky Pants. If you’re a Hunter who loves Handcannons, here’s how to get and use Lucky Pants in Destiny 2.

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What are the Lucky Pants in Destiny 2?

The Lucky Pants are a piece of Exotic Leg Armor exclusive to Hunter’s. This Armor piece is sought-after as it boosts Handcannon damage with the following Exotic Perk:

Illegally Modded Holster

  • When you ready a fully loaded Hancannon that deals Kinetic damage or a damage type that matches your subclass, each hit from that Handcannon increases the damage of the next shot for a short time.
  • Handcannons ready faster and are more accurate after swapping.
  • Provides a small boost to airborne effectiveness while the buff is active.

There’s a lot to unpack here, but the part we really care about is the boosted damage on consecutive hits. The in-game description of the perk is wordy, but you can use non-Kinetic Handcannons if your subclass matches the element of the weapon. Lucky Pants reward a skilled Hunter who can reliably land their shots. Handcannons are decent with any class, but this Exotic makes them so much better.

How to get and use Lucky Pants in Destiny 2
Screenshot: PC Invasion

This Exotic perk works with any Handcannon but feels great paired with iconic weapons like the Ace of Spades and Malfeasance. The Ace is one the best Exotics in the game and fits nicely into that Kinetic requirement for the Lucky Pants.

How to get the Lucky Pants in Destiny 2

Now I’ve sold you on the Lucky Pants, let’s find you a pair.

Lucky Pants can be found as random world drops inside Exotic Engrams. The fastest way to accumulate Engrams is by completing nine Vanguard Strikes, which gives three. Sadly, you can only farm Strikes for three Exotic Engrams weekly, but it’s better than nothing.

You may get lucky with Xur on his weekly visits, but it’s potluck. Xur has stocked the Lucky Pants before, but there’s no telling when or if he will again.

Another great source of Exotics is Vex Incursions. These events periodically spawn on Neomuna and task Guardians with defeating several waves of Vex. These Vex Incursions are tricky, so you’ll need to tackle them with other players.

Fortunately, you’ll usually find other Guardians participating, and the reward is always an Exotic armor piece you don’t already own. Vex Incursions are incredible for completing your Exotic wardrobes for every class and well worth the trouble.

If you’re stocked up on Exotics, make sure you’re not neglecting your Legendary arsenal, as there are some incredible guns up for grabs.

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