Uv Lantern Animal Well
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How to get and use the UV Lantern in Animal Well

Just like Most Haunted.

Some tools in Animal Well you can pretty much get straight away, but others, like the UV Lantern or Wand, are for late and post-game secrets. You will need a few tools and some considerable progress in Animal Well before you get your hands on it.

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Where to find the UV Lantern in Animal Well

Before you attempt to find the UV Lantern or Wand in Animal Well, first, make sure you have done a few things. You will need to have:

  • Ignited all the candles. There are nine in total.
  • Got the Spinning Top tool.
  • Got the Bubble Wand.
  • Unlocked the fast travel room and the fish in the bottom left.
  • Have the Flute tool.
Flute Animal Well
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If you’re far enough through the game to be looking for the UV Lantern or Wand, you most likely have all of these checked off. But it’s best to be sure.

First, head through the fish mouth in the bottom left of the fast travel room. From here, travel through another fish head to be taken to a new area. In the bottom right of this room, smash the spikes with the top or YoYo to reveal a crank.

Crank this to access a chest on the other side of the room that will contain an E Medal. You will need this to access the room containing the UV Lantern or Wand in Animal Well. Pick it up and head to the seahorse boss room. From here, go two rooms to the right until you come to the fish blowing bubbles by the fishhead portal. It’s here on the map. Use the bubble to jump on top of the portal and head further right.

Uv Lantern Animal Well
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Here, using the top, you will have to break your way down a zig-zagging tunnel that will lead to a plinth on which you can install the E Medal to unlock the next area, which will contain the UV Lantern in Animal Well. Using the Medal will unlock a new area with fish in it, so head left and down through the tunnels.

Fight the fish

Keep heading left through the dark rooms until you come to a room with a flute teleport tower in the middle. Whip out your flute and play any old note to awaken a bonefish. Now, play upper left, down, bottom left, left, bottom left, upper right, upper left. This will freeze the bonefish, allowing you to jump into its mouth and grab the UV Lantern from its bone guts in Animal Well.

How to use the UV Lantern

So far, the UV Lantern has little use beyond finding end-game secrets. Holding it lit up in certain areas can reveal secrets. Certain flute codes and Secret Bunnies in Animal Well have been found using the UV Lantern. However, it’s end-game stuff.

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