How To Get And Use Wood Textured Shards In Wuthering Waves
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How to get and use Wood-textured Shards in Wuthering Waves

A special currency.

Wood-textured Shards are a strange type of currency in Wuthering Waves, so I’ll explain how to get and use them. If you happen to stumble upon them, you probably won’t know what to do with them or how you got them.

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Wuthering Waves: How to get Wood-Textured Shards

Wood-textured Shards are special drops in the Huanglong region. You can get Wood-textured Shards in Wuthering Waves by completing challenges and opening supply chests or Tidal Heritages across Huanglong. As you’re completing quests and exploring the open world, you’ll quickly realize that you’re acquiring Wood-textured Shards along the way.

How To Get And Use Wood Textured Shards In Wuthering Waves Chest
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Most supply chests or Tidal Hertiages (those blue glowing rifts with rewards inside) will contain a few Wood-textured Shards, so you’ll be earning this currency slowly as you do activities in Huanglong. The better the chest, the more Wood-textured Shards you’ll acquire. Also, completing challenges always grants you a chest, which is an easy way to farm these shards.

How to use Wood-Textured Shards

So what do you do with these shards? You can use Wood-textured Shards at the Souvenir Store in Jinzhou. Head to the shop on your map with the gift icon and speak to the worker. You’ll be able to exchange your Wood-textured Shards for various rewards.

How To Get And Use Wood Textured Shards In Wuthering Waves Souvenir
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The most expensive exchange would have to be the Lustrous Tide for 50 shards. Since you can get Lustrous Tides using other currencies more easily attainable, I’d save up your Wood-textured Shards for other rewards like food recipes, Sealed Tubes, or Resonance Potions.

Wood-textured Shards seem to be an exclusive currency for the region of Huanglong, so when Wuthering Waves releases updates with new regions there will probably be a new type of currency to use at that region’s gift shop.

Also, I’m not sure if there are other cities in Huanglong with Souvenir stores, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s true. We’re all still exploring the map and getting through the game ourselves. Speaking of currencies, there are many different types of currencies in Wuthering Waves that you’ll have to keep track of.

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